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ANDRZEJÓWKA – mountain hostel

A unique place, mountain trips, idyllic landscapes – the PTTK Andrzejówka mountain hostel.

Andrzejówka mountain hostel

photo by Barbara Schutta

A unique place, mountain trips, idyllic landscapes – the PTTK Andrzejówka shelter is a picturesque place, on the pass of three valleys, under the peak of Waligóra. You can get there while hiking, taking the red trail from Sokołowska to Jedlina-Zdrój or the yellow trail through the Waligóra peak to Głuszyca. Several routes of the MTB Zone(singletrack) intersect at the shelter, so choosing the Głuszyca – Walim or Głuszyca – Mieroszów cycling routes, you can make a stop in Andrzejówka for delicious blueberry pancakes or apple pie.


Thanks to the magical atmosphere of this place, it is an ideal location for many events and festivals. It is a place of concerts, sporting events and fairs. When the outside temperature rises, Kupala Night is organized here, where you can hear magical tales, see fire dancing performances and feel close to nature. And in the colder season, you can take part in travelers’ weekend – it is the time of many conferences with globetrotters about their tourist experiences, as well as handicraft fairs and evening concerts.

The history of Andrzejówka dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The hostel was established on July 20, 1933 in a previously unused place and from the very beginning it was intended only for tourist purposes. The intensively developing Wałbrzych Agglomeration contributed to the increase in cruise traffic, which was undoubtedly an advantage for the new facility located near the city. The choice of the place to build the shelter turned out to be very accurate, because it was situated in very favorable topographic conditions: at an altitude of 805 m at the foot of the Waligóra (936 m). The upper ends of three valleys border each other there, hence the place is now called the Three Valleys Pass. In a short time the shelter became an important link connecting the routes of the Western and Eastern Sudetes. It fulfills this function to this day.

photo. Andrzejówka hostel

Andrzejówka hostel

photo by Barbara Schutta

The first owners of Andrzejówka were a married couple: Otto and Margarete Rübartsch. Otto Rübartsch was an innkeeper, he came from an old family of brewers and innkeepers near Duszniki-Zdrój. The new shelter had 3 dining rooms with almost 220 seats. The accommodation part was much more modest. Andrzejówka had only 25 seats. Currently, there are 35 places to sleep, and you can also put up a tent in a clearing or come with your own camper.


In a short time, Andrzejówka gained considerable popularity both in summer and in winter. In February 1936, the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina visited the shelter with Princess Julianna. The guests made trips to the Książ castle and Sokołowsko, where the ski championships were organized at that time. The Queen herself was skiing, and Princess Julianna learned the art under the tutelage of members of local clubs. During the two-week visit, which was a great attraction for the local residents, the shelter did not accept other guests. After its completion, Otto Rübartsch received the nickname – the royal host.


In the past, many special events took place here. They were often organized by the Tourist Society. As befits a shelter bearing such a name, traditional St. Andrew’s Day games with fortune-telling and dancing were organized there. On April Fool’s Day, there was a ceremonial funeral of winter.


We invite whole families, groups and all hikers to Andrzejówka at any time of the year!

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