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Bardzkie Mountains

Bardzkie Mountains – is an 18 km long mountain range located in the Central Sudetes, between the Sowie Mountains in the north-west and the Złote Mountains in the south-east. About halfway through the picturesque gorge it is crossed by the Nysa Kłodzka river.

The highest peaks are: Kłodzka Góra (765 m above sea level), Ostra Góra (751 m above sea level), Słup (667 m above sea level) and Wilczak (637 m above sea level). The last two peaks lie in the lower, northwestern part.

Geologically, the Bardzkie Mountains are built of old Palaeozoic quartzite sandstones, slates and conglomerates. The slopes of the Bardzkie Mountains are covered with dense mixed forests, in places with the character of a rarely seen Sudeten forest (the “Cisy” and “Cisowa Góra” reserves).

The small, but very picturesque range of the Bardzkie Mountains is characterized by a unique atmosphere and a fairy-tale landscape enclosed in a composition of low hills. It is an attractive place for cycling and hiking. The blue European long-distance trail runs along the ridge of the Bardzkie Mountains.

At the foot of the Bardzkie Mountains lies Bardo Śląskie, which is a particularly attractive city in terms of tourism. There is a rockfall here – a vantage point over the Bard, created as a result of a part of the mountain slope falling into the Nysa Kłodzka river bed. There is Nysa Kłodzka and Kalwaria gorge (583 m), on which the stations of the Way of the Cross and the Marian Sanctuary were built. At the border with the Stołowe Mountains (in Ostróg) there is a famous Prussian fort and railway viaducts with impressive height (closed). Bardo is an excellent place to start a mountain bike route as well as a longer hiking trip. In snowy winters, it is worth skiing along the main ridge trail.

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The nature of the Kłodzko Land

The fact that the land of Kłodzko has been a great place to relax for centuries can be attributed to the wonderful natural values ​​and the crystal clear springs of the spas. The central point of the region, the Kłodzko Valley, is surrounded by the following mountains: Bardzkie, Sowie, Suche, Stołowe, Bystrzyckie, Orlickie, the Śnieżnik Massif, Bialskie and Złote.

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