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Hala Szrenicka

From this high-mountain meadow, surrounding the main ridge of the Karkonosze on both sides, there is a beautiful panorama of the Jizera Mountains.

photo by SkywalkerPL / CC BY

Whoever seen this can confirm, who has not yet – it is worth making a note and catching up at the earliest opportunity, especially in winter, when there are great skiing conditions on the slopes and the sun-drenched area is covered with a thick layer of snow. Two hundred years ago, it was possible to see sheep grazing in the meadow, watched by a shepherd who lived in a wooden hut, standing in Hala Szrenicka, which had been standing since 1786. Over time, however, it was first transformed into an inn, and then – into a hostel, which before World War II could boast of the standard of a luxury hotel. The sheep had to give way to tourists walking along the nearby mountain trails. In fact, it has remained so – because among such picturesque views it is impossible to get bored. For example, the route along the Main Ridge of the Karkonosze (red trail) runs here, which can be accessed from Szklarska Poręba and Kamieńczyk Waterfall through Hala Szrenicka. through Łabski Peak, Śnieżne Kotły, Czarna Przełęcz, Słonecznik and Burnt Watchtower to reach Śnieżka. Before setting off in the early morning, it is worth having a rest in the hostel on Hala Szrenicka – repeatedly expanded and rebuilt, and recently renovated, it can now provide accommodation and meals for over 100 people.