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The Mały Staw Cirque

Undoubtedly – one of the most beautiful places in the Karkonosze Mountains.

photo Piotr719 / CC BY-SA

One of the most frequented routes in the region (from Karpacz through the Wang Temple, Kocioł Mały Stawu with “Samotnia” and a little higher “Strzecha Akademicka”, “Dom Polski “, and from there straight to Śnieżka). At the bottom of the pit there is a cirque lake with an area of ​​almost 3 hectares, which, probably only due to the proximity of a much larger lake at the bottom of the second postglacial pit in the area, has been called Mały Staw (The Little Pond) . Until recently, in the so-called “Żleb Slalomowy” (Slalomowy Gully) there were ski and snowboard competitions for the Samotnia Cup organized. Due to the need to protect some species of birds, the Karkonosze National Park has refused permission to organize the April event commemorating Waldemar Siemaszka several times. When walking past Mały Staw, you have to remember that what is stunning about nature is often as dangerous as it is beautiful – avalanches descending in winter on partly rocky slopes of the cirque are extremely dangerous, therefore the hiking trail passing here is sometimes closed periodically for the safety of tourists. In summer and spring, when the weather is favorable, the route leading through the Kocioł is passable – do not miss it! (with a stop in “Samotnia”)!

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The nature of the Kłodzko Land

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