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Oborniki Śląskie and Akademia Kuraszków

Oborniki Śląskie is a small town located north of Wrocław, formerly known mainly due to local health resorts and sanatoriums, which contributed to its intensive development at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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The tourist and recreational character of the town is due both to the favorable microclimate, picturesque location at the foot of the Trzebnickie Hills, as well as the railway line established in 1856, which made it a popular destination among those seeking rest and contact with the nature of Wrocław residents. Currently, it is still the villa-park face of the city, which resembles an extensive garden, attracting the most tourists to it. Until today, e.g. at ul. Dworcowa, Kardynała Stefan Wyszyński, Wrocławska or Trzebnicka, you can admire villas and tenement houses built in the 19th century in Oborniki, former guesthouses and spa houses, and from the hills in the park located almost in the city center – in good weather – you can see not only Wrocław or Ślęża, but even the Sudetes. The Kuraszków Academy nowadays refers to the recreational and recreational tradition of the vicinity of Oborniki Śląskie. It is not only the stud where it started, but also much more than the hotel and restaurant that are part of the Academy; is a modern, family-run resort, offering various types of educational activities (academies of photography, sky and stars, pizza and bread, garden, cooking) and sports (including tennis, horse riding), a rich library (over 4,000 volumes), spa and many other attractions.

More detailed information can be found on the website of Obroniki Śląskie and Akademia Kuraszków.

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