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Sanctuary in Wambierzyce

The Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wambierzyce is an impressive Baroque basilica from 1715-1723, erected by Count Francis Antoni von Goetzen.

It was built on the site of the previous church, which had to be demolished in 1714, only three years after its completion, due to its poor architectural condition. The beginnings of the Marian cult in Wambierzyce, however, go back much further into the past. In the 12th century, a statue of the Virgin Mary was placed on the hill where the sanctuary is now located. Pilgrims began to come to Wambierzyce after a blind man, known from historical sources as Jan of Raszewo, was healed by her. Three steps of stone steps lead to the interior of the sanctuary, which impresses with its 52-meter-high Renaissance façade. The main altar, as well as the richly decorated ambo (the structure and composition referring to the Magnificat hymn), is the work of Karl Sebastian Flacker, a sculptor from Vienna, but for most of his life associated with Kłodzko. In the center of the main altar there is a miraculous sculpture from the end of the 14th century, depicting the Madonna and Child surrounded by two angels. During the ceremony conducted in 1980 by Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the statue of the Mother of God was crowned and was given the title of Wambierzyce Queen of Families. Currently, the Sanctuary in Wambierzyce is under the care of the Franciscans from the province of St. Jadwiga.

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The nature of the Kłodzko Land

The fact that the land of Kłodzko has been a great place to relax for centuries can be attributed to the wonderful natural values ​​and the crystal clear springs of the spas. The central point of the region, the Kłodzko Valley, is surrounded by the following mountains: Bardzkie, Sowie, Suche, Stołowe, Bystrzyckie, Orlickie, the Śnieżnik Massif, Bialskie and Złote.

Lądek-Zdrój Commune

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Mountain shelters of the Kłodzko Land

It is even hard to imagine how we would endure many hours of hiking in the mountains, if there wound't be a prospect of even a short rest on the route - in a shelter, providing a moment of rest from the wind, rain and snow, as well as the sun scorching in the summer.