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The peak, 1,362 m above sea level, lies in the western part of the Karkonosze, south of Szklarska Poreba.

photo Jacek Halicki / CC BY-SA

At the top of the mountain, which, similarly to other hills in the area, is built of granite rock blocks, in 1922 a tourist shelter was established, operating to this day and now run by private owners. The top of Szrenica located several dozen meters above the ridge of the Karkonosze Mountains gives an amazing view of the Jelenia Góra Valley, the Jizera Mountains and part of the Polish and Czech Karkonosze. In the winter months, when the slopes of Szrenica and the Łabski Szczyt are covered with snow, tourists use the local slopes, supported by six ski lifts, operating as part of the SkiArena Szrenica sports center. Of course, you can use the two-section chairlift from Szklarska Poręba to the very top of Szrenica, also outside the ski season. The ascent to Szrenica from Szklarska Poręba along the red tourist trail (the Main Sudeten Trail) is a slightly more demanding option, but certainly not less scenic! The route goes through the Kamieńczyk Waterfall and Hala Szrenicka, from where you can enter Szrenica in two ways. Either following the red trail through Łąka Graniczna  and a short ascent along the black marked trail, or we make up a bit of the distance along the green trail to see the rock formation called Końskie Łby, and at the upper station of the cable car to the top of Szrenica, enter the black trail ( and then along cable lift).

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Traces of the past

The cultural inheritance that has been experienced by the contemporary inhabitants of Lower Silesia is, in fact, priceless. To the turbulent fortunes and the multinational society that contributed to the history of the region, Lower Silesian people owe to this day enchanting and mysterious castles, richly decorated palaces and magnificent sacred buildings, which together give larger or smaller towns and villages of which they are treasures a truly unique character. ...

The Okraj Pass and the Na Przełęczy Okraj shelter

The pass is located in the eastern Karkonosze Mountains and rises to a height of 1046 m above sea level.

Mirsk commune

An urban-rural commune in the south-western part of the Lower Silesia Province, situated at the foot of the Izera Mountains, on the route from Szklarska Poręba to Świeradów-Zdrój.

The legacy of the Reformation – the European Reformation Cultural Route

Five centuries after the Protestant movement initiated by Martin Luther reached the territory of Poland, the cultural heritage of the Reformation is still visible to the naked eye in Lower Silesia and Cieszyn Silesia.

Łomniczka Cirque

The largest and deepest post-glacial cirque in the Polish part of the Karkonosze Mountains is located just above Karpacz, between Kopa and Śnieżka mountains.

The Mały Staw Cirque

Undoubtedly - one of the most beautiful places in the Karkonosze Mountains.

Hala Szrenicka

From this high-mountain meadow, surrounding the main ridge of the Karkonosze on both sides, there is a beautiful panorama of the Jizera Mountains.

Ideas for an active weekend in Lower Silesia

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