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Bicycle routes

Find your route! Lower Silesia – bicycle routes for everyone.

There are many ways to discover Lower Silesia. Each of them will provide an unforgettable experience, allow you to reach interesting places and make you feel like more. Today, we want to convince you that the perfect way to discover the region is … by bike. So read a handful of inspiration, prepare two-wheelers, and go on your routes …


Bicycle trips have a miraculous effect on our health, physical condition and well-being. Whole families sit on bikes, treating rides as a form of recreation, ambitious hikers escaping the hustle and bustle of big cities, road cyclists and advanced fans of mountain riding looking for extreme experiences. The last few months in particular have shown that cycling can become an important part of everyday life. After all, the bicycle is one of the most ecological forms of mobility.


Lower Silesia is the best region in the country for cycling. Its specificity means that everyone will find something for themselves here. For lovers of family trips in the bosom of nature, we can recommend rides in the Milickie Ponds complex, where the routes combine into a system called the Lower Silesian Bicycle Region, trips to landscape parks: Przemkowski, Bóbr Valley, Chełm, Rudawski or the Bystrzyca Valley. It is also worth crossing the Valley of Palaces and Gardens near Jelenia Góra on two wheels.


For those who prefer MTB bikes, we will indicate singletrack systems that are unique on a European scale, i.e. lanes, mostly located in forests, located near Świeradów Zdrój, Szklarska Poręba, near Jelenia Góra, in the Kaczawskie Foothills and the largest – Glacensis – in the Kłodzko Valley. In total, it is almost 400 km, divided into sections of varying difficulty and intended for people who prefer typical mountain routes. Users of “highlanders” can also admire the beautiful landscapes in the Jizera Mountains starting from Jakuszyce, explore the secrets of the Sowie Mountains while navigating the roads of the Sudety MTB Zone or reach the majestic peak of Śnieżnik, which will reward the daredevils with a wonderful panorama.


So: family or competitive, it will definitely be healthy. And for more cycling inspirations, visit the FB Lower Silesia by bike profile. We encourage you, because in Lower Silesia there is a place to “go round”!


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