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Kliczków Castle

French dandy

In tiny Kliczków there is an impressive complex referring in its form to famous French castles. Initially, there was a border stronghold here, which, together with similar ones, was to protect the Duchy of Świdnica-Jawor. Over the next centuries, the castle passed from hand to hand, and subsequent owners added something to themselves or changed the decor to a more modern one. The most serious modernization took place at the end of the 19th century. The castle was surrounded by a huge, eighty-hectare English-style park. It is here that the most interesting element of this complex, unique in the scale of the whole country, is located. Prince Frederick zu Solms-Baruth decided to create a cemetery for his favorite horses in addition to the traditional mausoleum in larger estates. Today, their memory is recalled by only two surviving tombstones. Although destroyed, it still attracts tourists and guests of the Conference and Leisure Center located in the castle today. The Kliczków Castle currently houses an exclusive hotel, SPA center, conference and recreation center and an elegant restaurant. It is a perfect place for conferences, events, but also for active recreation combined with exploring the area.

Kliczków 8

59-724 Osiecznica


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