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The #SzlakMaSmak campaign aims to familiarize with eno and biotourism in the region. Nestor Kościański – the owner of the Moderna Vineyard, situated on the gentle hills of the Trzebnickie Hills, reminds that in Lower Silesia, thanks to the work of enthusiasts, the tradition that has been cultivated in the region for centuries is being rebuilt.


The Lower Silesian Beer and Wine Trail has been in existence since 2018. It connected passionate people – brewers and winemakers. It is supposed to facilitate sightseeing, but has not yet been fully discovered. Who and why should meet him?

Anyone who loves craft products. Who wants to get to know Lower Silesia through cooking, who likes active recreation and direct contact with the producer, who rests in nature, who is thirsty for knowledge about the production of beer, wine and viticulture, and who is simply curious about the world.

Nestor Kościański

What conditions, when it comes to viticulture, do we have in Lower Silesia and what distinguishes our region in the country?

Lower Silesia is one of the warmest regions in Poland. This is where the growing season is the longest. The history of viticulture in our region goes back to the Middle Ages. The first mention of this topic appeared in 1206 and concerned the vineyard in Trzebnica. What distinguishes us are enthusiasts who have a professional approach to viticulture, wine production, promotion of wine drinking culture, and renewal of the wine tradition in Lower Silesia.


Where did the idea for running a vineyard come from?

It was born out of a love of wine as a carrier of culture, companion of meetings and conversations, but also of the will to work with something for which you are responsible from the beginning, I mean cultivation until the end, i.e. obtaining wine. It was also born out of respect for local craft products and the belief that the tradition of wine production in Lower Silesia should be rebuilt.

Holidays are ahead of us, what attractions and events are prepared by the facilities of the Lower Silesian Beer and Wine Trail?

Each of the vineyards is prepared to receive guests. ŻarWino is a cyclical event that combines open-air cuisine inspired by fire with local wine. A one-day restaurant, a feast of food co-created by cooks and visitors in the Agat and Moderna vineyards. (Un) wine aging, that is, relaxing together in the Anna vineyard in the Barycz Valley and tasting wines with barbecue and local cheeses. It also starts the third season of the Winiarze I Przyjaciele (Winiar and Friends) festival. There are three editions in the vineyards ahead of us (June, July, August) and the grand finale in Partynice, which will take place in September.

We already know that vineyards and breweries are not only local products. What else can tourists visiting you count on? What attractions in the vicinity of your vineyard can be recommended?

In my immediate vicinity, you can see Trzebnica – a beautiful, historic city. But these are also less known, but  stlill very interesting places for me – the loess ravine in Zaprężyn, Młyn Gospodarczy in Dąbrowica or the Land of Alpacas in Krakowiany. Welcome!

Interviewer: Justyna Butryn