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A church like an art gallery – Sobotka

On your way to the Sleza Mountain it is worth stopping at its foot in a town of Sobotka to see the church of St. Anna with magnificent Gothic sculptures.

It is a Gothic church later rebuilt many times. It has a great decor and, among others, magnificent Gothic sculptures by the pillars which makes it resemble a stunning art gallery. The high rank of this church is confirmed by the fact that it is the sanctuary of St. Anna, and since 2006 also the main Marian sanctuary of the Archdiocese of Wroclaw under the invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of New Evangelization (the image of Mary was specially imported from the Archdiocese Museum in Wroclaw).

In the church of St. Anna you can find one of the Silesian cult sculptures called a ‘mushroom’ and next to it lies a lion of the Lombard type – a Romanesque sculpture from the12th century. Another pre-Christian cult Silesian figure – ‘monk’ – is currently placed in Armii Krajowej street. It resembles a huge bowling pin with a height of 2.6 m.

10 Sw. Jakuba street
55-050 Sobotka
phone: +48 71/316-21-61