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Visitor Centre in Centennial Hall

Centennial Hall invites locals and tourists to the Visitors Center, a permanent exhibition, modernized and enriched with new content.


Today's Polanica-Zdroj is a spa town with fewer than 7,000 inhabitants. It is located at an altitude of 355-430 m a.s.l. The surrounding Sudetes are not very high mountains but they are captivating with their beauty, picturesqueness and immaculate purity as there is no heavy industry in the area. The spa is located in the picturesque valley of the Bystrzyca Dusznicka River.

Ladek Zdroj

Ladek-Zdroj is located in the south-eastern part of Klodzko Land in a narrow structural basin along the Biala Ladecka River and on the hills surrounding it. The whole area is covered with magnificent beech, mountain elm, larch, sycamore, spruce and fir trees and surrounded by small but beautifully shaped hills with many paths and walking routes.


It is a spa town in a wonderful, fairy-like location. Individual parts of the town are in charming picturesque valleys surrounded by forested hills belonging to the Walbrzych Mountains and the Owl Mountains.


Duszniki-Zdroj spa is located in a narrow valley of the Bystrzyca Dusznicka River on a former trade route leading from Czech Prague to Wroclaw. Nearby is the nature reserve ‘Peatland by Zieleniec’ and a uniformly forested ridge of the Orlica Mountains.

Lower Silesian health resorts

Lower Silesia has been known for its mineral waters since the Middle Ages. Already in the 18th and 19th century spas attracted numerous patients from all over Europe. There are a dozen or so health resorts with various therapeutic offers in the area.

An excursion to the world of Slavs

Let us take you on a time travel to a castle in Bedkowice at the foot of the Sleza Mountain. This trip will take you to the world of the great Slavs - a fascinating journey through time.

Medieval Mining Settlement in Zloty Stok

The settlement offers a unique combination of fun and learning that will interest both the small and the big ones.

Lwowek Slaski

Lwowek Slaski is one of the oldest towns in Lower Silesia. Established on Magdeburg Law in 1217, it quickly became an important commercial and economic centre, which was influenced by the town's location near the Via Regia route and the exploitation of gold-bearing sands.

Klodzko Area invites you in winter

Klodzko area invites you for a wonderful winter holiday. Both active winter sports enthusiasts and lovers of peaceful relaxation will find something for themselves. This region is an extremely picturesque area of Lower Silesia very attractive in summer and winter.

Ladek’s egg

In Ladek-Zdroj a visually impaired artist prepares to renovate a record-breaking egg forgotten by the inhabitants.

A church like an art gallery – Sobotka

On your way to the Sleza Mountain it is worth stopping at its foot in a town of Sobotka to see the church of St. Anna with magnificent Gothic sculptures.

Tumski Hotel

Lower Silesian Technical Monuments Map

More information on mapazabytkow.pl

Boleslawiec Ceramics

In Boleslawiec the tradition of ceramic products goes back several centuries and their popularity has long crossed the borders of the town, region or even the continent. No wonder, because despite the passing of time there are still many factories producing richly decorated Boleslawiec stoneware and the products they offer invariably impress buyers with high quality and appearance.

Attractions of Lower Silesia

Cycling in Siechnice

To visit the most interesting parts of Siechnice commune, adjacent to the south-eastern edges of Wroclaw, it is best not to use a car but a bicycle.

A family weekend along the European Route of Castles and Palaces

A great idea to spend a family weekend in an unusual environment is to go on a journey along the European Trail of Castles and Palaces - it is a trip idea especially for history lovers but also for those looking for opportunities to rest and relax close to nature. Czocha Castle - Kliczkow Castle - Grodziec Castle

Narrow Gauge Railway in Krosnice

Krosnice Narrow Gauge Railway is a park railway and one of the biggest tourist attractions of Krosnice and the surrounding area. It is not surprising because the view of the smoking steam engine and the journey along a nearly 3-kilometer route among rustling trees and singing birds does not happen often.

Staniszow Palace

The first mention of the village of Staniszow dates back to 1395. It was then the property of the princes of Reiss. The palace was built in 1784-1787 on the orders of Count Henry von Reiss.

Lomnica Palace

A place full of flavours


Hydropolis is a unique knowledge center that combines educational values with a modern exhibition form.

Chojnik Castle

A Stone Defender

Bolkow Castle

A Beaky Fortress

Krobielowice Palace

Krobielowice - once called Krieblowitz - is a small village located about 20 km from Wroclaw, in the Bystrzyca RiverValley Landscape Park.

Niemcza SPA Hotel

The Leaning Tower in Zabkowice Slaskie

Currently, the tower's deviation from the vertical is 2.12 m. whereas during measurements made in 1977 it was found that the deviation was only 1.98 m. Today the Leaning Tower acts as a viewpoint.

AQUA ZDROJ Centre in Walbrzych

Aqua Zdroj is a recreation centre for active people - see for yourself.


Wrocław Zoo

Wojnowice Castle

A fairytale refuge

Leśnica Castle

Cultural centre on the outskirts of Wroclaw

Oleśnica Castle

The most valuable and impressive monument of Olesnica, as well as one of the most valuable in Lower Silesia.

Książ Castle

A mosaic full of secrets

Grodziec Castle

The first tourist facility in Europe

Grodno Castle

In its history the real history mixes with legends so much that it is often difficult to separate one from the other.

Topacz Castle

Topacz Castle Resort & Art SPA is a unique place with a fascinating history dating back to the 14th century. It combines the atmosphere of a castle with modern luxury and comfort dedicated to the most demanding guests.

Czocha Castle

A castle that never existed

Little Japan

A unique place - a piece of real Japan in the heart of the Giant Mountains.

Kamieniec Palace

Historia wsi Kamieniec sięga XIV wieku. Poznaj porywającą historię miejscowości i Pałacu Kamieniec podróżując w czasie przez najważniejsze rozdziały przeszłości kamienieckiej rezydencji.