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Picturesque location in the Wałbrzych Mountains, the vicinity of the Kamienne and Sowie Mountains, monuments, recreational facilities – all this creates unique conditions for sports, various forms of tourism and recreation throughout the year

The Aqua Zdrój sports and recreation center was created for people looking for active leisure, which includes, among others, sports and entertainment hall, swimming pool complex and hotel.

For amateurs of road and mountain biking, it is a perfect place to practice sports. Many national and local cycling races are held on the roads and paths of Wałbrzych. A dozen or so bicycle routes have been marked out in the city; one of the most interesting runs through the Książ Landscape Park.

There are many tourist routes running through the city leading to the surrounding mountain ranges, to viewpoints, memorials and natural monuments.

Horse riding enthusiasts can indulge in their hobby using the services of Stada Ogierów Książ. It is here that races, driving and dressage competitions as well as international horse auctions take place.

For hang gliding enthusiasts, there is a paragliding sports center near Wałbrzych. Throughout the year, you can learn to fly hang gliders and paragliders organized by the Aero Club of the Wałbrzych Land.

In winter – mountainous terrain, long-lasting snow cover and the nearby network of ski lifts and an accompanying base create conditions for practicing “white madness”.

The accommodation base in Wałbrzych has over 800 beds. The greatest number of places has:

The Ibis Styles hotel located at ul. 1 Maja 64,

Qubus Hotel at ul. Wysocki 45,

Hotel “Maria” at ul. Wroclawska 134b,

There is also the “Harcówka” Tourist House located in the Sobieski Park.

Virtual tour of “Former Mine” Science and Art Centre

See the history of mining - come to discover treasures.

The legacy of the Reformation – the European Reformation Cultural Route

Five centuries after the Protestant movement initiated by Martin Luther reached the territory of Poland, the cultural heritage of the Reformation is still visible to the naked eye in Lower Silesia and Cieszyn Silesia.

A new underground tourist route at the Książ Castle

Wałbrzych - the capital of the Lower Silesian secrets, invites you

The white lady of the Grodno castle

For centuries, a white lady has haunted the Grodno castle. The local people said that she was the wife of the castellan of the castle, who, after losing her husband, threw herself from the walls into the abyss and wandered over them since then.


In the latest #SzlakMaSmak campaign, we encourage you to taste Lower Silesia

Walim Adits “RIESE” Centrum Turystyki i Kultury in Walim

From 1943, in the area of ​​the  Sowie Mountains, the Germans carried out large-scale construction works under the code name "Riese" ("Giant").

Krzeszów – Knights of the Holy Sepulchre (Bożogrobowcy) – an order shrouded in mystery

In Krzeszów in the 18th century a replica of God's tomb was built in order to present the great mystery of faith, which was the resurrection.

Weekend trip to Książ Castle

Wałbrzych Land is one of the most interesting corners of Poland - the richness of the cultural heritage, combined with the mountain landscapes and the spa climate, gives a truly unique combination. The historic Książ Castle, a pearl of Lower Silesian architecture, cannot be missed on the weekend sightseeing map.

Riese Project

The Riese complex, an unfinished project carried out by Nazi Germany in the Sowie Mountains during the last years of the war (1943-1945), remains an unsolved mystery for historians and explorers (including speleologists).

MTB Zone of the Sudetes (Strefa MTB Sudety)

It is the only such place in Poland - the largest system of mountain bike routes in the heart of the Sudetes provides over 500 km of trails in the Sowie Mountains and the Suche Mountains, one of the most picturesque regions of Lower Silesia.