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Slow travel in Lower Silesia

Peace and quiet, unpaved routes – that sounds like slow travel. See the Slow Travel map of Lower Silesia with attractions in the spirit of slow tourism

Slow tourism is leisurely, peaceful travel that focuses on getting to know the regional cultural heritage and experiencing it deeply at your own, rather unhurried, pace. The new campaign “Slow Travel Dolny Śląsk” initiated by the voivodeship self-government encourages people to get to know the region in such a way.

– In the unanimous opinion of experts, Lower Silesia has the potential to be the Polish capital of slow travel. The most important thing, however, is that the local approach to tourism supports Lower Silesian entrepreneurs and helps to cultivate our cultural heritage, which Lower Silesia is so proud of, explains Marshal Cezary Przybylski.

The most important features of the recently fashionable “slow” tourism are, above all, the cultivation of the cultural identity of the region, support for local entrepreneurs, and greater care for the natural environment than in the case of other conventional forms of tourist activity. The latter is particularly important in the constantly current epidemic threat situation.

– The aim of new Slow Travel Lower Silesia promotional campaign is to contribute to strengthening the potential of tourism in our region. In the era of constant rush, we need a springboard from our everyday affairs. The presented map allows you to travel in the spirit of slow motion – in slow motion with more attention to discovering non-obvious places where everyone will find something for themselves. In addition, by deviating from the main routes and using the services of local producers and service providers, we strengthen our regional economy – adds Deputy Marshal Grzegorz Macko.

In order to meet both the trends and the expectations of tourists, the local government of Lower Silesia, in consultation with the Lower Silesian Tourist Organization and the Slowhop.com portal, presented the map “Slow Travel Lower Silesia”. It presents many options, sometimes in a non-obvious way selected attractions. The list will allow you to find less known attractions, attractive nooks and tourist curiosities, as well as even forgotten places in Lower Silesia. Some of the above-mentioned places do not have a developed tourist infrastructure, which makes them highly attractive to tourists seeking escape from the crowd and noise.

The presented map is not a closed base, and the intention of the creators is to draw attention to the possibilities of alternative traveling in the spirit of slow – not in a hurry, with more attention, off the trail. The presented attractions are just a fraction of Lower Silesian tourist gems, which can become an inspiration for further searches for intriguing places in the region. The map was created on the initiative of the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in Wrocław and the Lower Silesian Tourist Organization, and the author of the map is Slowhop Sp. z o. o .

The elements of the project are also:

  • a list of the most atmospheric accommodation in Lower Silesia in the following language:

– Polish https://slowhop.com/pl/dolny-slask

– English https://slowhop.com/en/lower-silesia

– Czech https://slowhop.com/cs/dolnI-slezko-ubytovani-polsko

– in German https://slowhop.com/de/niederschlesien

  • printed map “Slow Travel Dolny Śląsk” and its electronic version (.pdf; QR code). The map presents:

– 113 accommodation facilities

– 41 key cultural attractions

– 34 key natural attractions

  • Online map (extended version) on the Geoportal (author: Slowhop Sp. Z o.o.)

Realization: Faculty of Tourism in cooperation with the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography;

The map presents:

– 124 accommodation facilities;

– 81 cultural attractions;

– 79 natural attractions.


The extended version of the map will be able to be constantly updated and supplemented with new attractions.

Download link: assets.slowhop-static.net/static/mapa-dolny-slask.pdf