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Horse riding is a unique way to explore the region. It allows you to quickly move around, while ensuring contact with nature. In addition – no less important – visiting medieval attractions, you can feel like a real time traveller from a few centuries ago!

Both due to the diversity of nature and the rich history of the region, which is surrounded by numerous castles and palaces, Lower Silesia is an extremely attractive place for horse riding. You do not have to be far from Wroclaw to find riding routes that are interesting and corresponding to your own riding skills. Just go to the north of the capital of Lower Silesia towards, extremely friendly to horse riding enthusiasts, Trzebnica Hills. The routes of the horse trail leading across Trzebnica region abound in gentle hills, fields, meadows, ponds and views of the beautiful orchards surrounding the town. Near the trail – e.g. in Machnice, Ozorowice, Borkowice and Wielka Lipa – you can find stables, studs and guest houses with accommodation for tourists travelling on horseback.

Mountain routes in the Sudetes will prove to be much more demanding but they are certainly worth visiting because of the picturesque landscapes, which are common in these oldest mountains in Poland. A visit to the south-west edge of Lower Silesia and a trip divided into three shorter routes along the Jizera Foothills Trail will not only provide riders with amazing scenic attractions – with the Jizera Mountains and the Karkonosze Mountains in the main role – but will also allow visiting nearby castles – Czocha and Gryf. And this is actually just the beginning, because the longest and most difficult of all Lower Silesian trails still remains to be travelled, i.e. the Sudeten Horse Trail – considered the most interesting of the mountain horse routes in the country. For the convenience of travellers – especially horses – it was divided into 8 stages, which should take riders about 12 days. The route begins at Kliczkow castle in the Lower Silesian Forests, leading through such places as Duszniki Zdroj, Gluszyca, Karpacz, Cieplice, Mirsk, Wolimierz, and it ends in Klodzko Valley, near Ladek-Zdroj – it is a truly interesting idea to spend a two-week holiday!

Where to find stables: