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The Sudetes, a mountain range stretching in the south of Lower Silesia, are the oldest Polish mountains. According to many – also the most interesting. Whether you’re an avid geologist looking for minerals or you are fascinated by nature and unique fauna and flora, or passionate about unusual rock forms, or maybe you just like beautiful views and fresh air – you’ll find something for yourself!

Whoever has seen photos of Sudeten landscapes knows that at any time of the year, although some say especially in winter, it is impossible not to be charmed by them. The view from the Sniezka or Snieznik peaks over the mountains covered in white remains in the memory for a long time. So where should a tourist go to fully feel the atmosphere of Lower Silesia? Trails from Karpacz to the Wang Temple, from Szklarska Poreba to the Gorge and the Kamienczyk Waterfall, to the Szklarka Waterfall or to Szrenica should not cause difficulties even for less advanced mountain hikers. That is why they are great as a warm-up before more demanding routes. Before leaving it is worth spending a moment to visit the adit or the Park of Monument Miniatures in Lower Silesia in Kowary, then go towards the Colourful Lakes and continue to the summit of the Wielka Kopa. In the Kaczawa Mountains and, adjacent to them, the Kaczawa Foothills, which is an extremely charming and calm area with slight elevation of the terrain, if the weather is clear, there is a wonderful view of the entire Giant Mountains.

For those seeking long hikes the perfect route is the trail running along the ridge of the Karkonosze Mountains. With the starting point in Szklarska Poreba and the finish in Karpacz, of course with the obligatory ascent to the highest peak in the area – Sniezka – it is a great hike. A picturesque route that leads, among others, across Szrenica, Labski Szczyt, Sniezne Kotly and Wielki Szyszak, it is worth spreading out over two days to have time not only to admire the beautiful landscapes (including the famous rock forms called Pilgrims), but also to take a leisurely descent from the mountains and a short rest in the Samotnia Shelter with a view over the Little Pond. You can also take about a 20-kilometer trek from Szklarska Poreba to Swieradow-Zdroj, in the direction of the Jizera Mountains in the Western Sudetes. You will be able to see the town known already in the sixteenth century of the healing properties of the local springs or the famous Walk Hall in the Spa House.