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Cross-country skiing routes

Cross-country skiing has a long tradition in Poland – the biggest among numerous events is the Piast Race, organized on the routes of the Jakuszycka Glade for over forty years, in which several thousand cross-country enthusiasts take part every year.

Discipline, however, owes its popularity in recent years mainly to the spectacular successes of Justyna Kowalczyk and the emergence of new routes and running centers. So where to run in Lower Silesia? For years, Jizera Mountains routes enjoyed the greatest attendance,  especially in the aforementioned Polana Jakuszycka, which is the only place in Poland that can boast of organizing World Cup competitions. 100 km of specially prepared routes with various levels of difficulty, adapted to both classic and skating, which should appeal to both professionals and beginners. Particular attention in the region should be paid to the recently commissioned Izerski Cietrzewia Trail (the long-awaited route through the Izery Valley, connecting Stóg Izerski with Jakuszyce, both variants are approx. 18-19 km long). Another important place on the map of cross-country skiing in Lower Silesia is the Orlickie Mountains with routes in Jamrozowa Polana and in Zieleniec (part of Duszniki-Zdrój) – the center providing routes with a length of more than 60 km is also one of probably two places in the whole country where, thanks to artificial lighting, you can run also after dark. Interesting proposals in the Kłodzko Valley are also routes in the Stołowe Mountains (around Szczeliniec) and the Bystrzyckie Mountains (especially those prepared by the hosts of the Spalona shelter near Mount Jagodna). With good weather conditions, you do not even have to go too far beyond the capital of Lower Silesia to take advantage of the two or three flat loops that can be found on the golf course in Krzyżanowice near Wrocław. 



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