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Our recipe for an unforgettable holiday in the region

A recipe for an unforgettable vacation – the beauty of nature, unique monuments, mysterious places. Lower Silesia is a region that offers a lot – from vast ponds in the north to the oldest mountains in Poland in the south. It hides many secrets and priceless buildings. Here is our list of 10 things worth doing in Lower Silesia in the summer.


1. Spend the night under the starry sky

Evening singing by the fire, starry sky and morning with an amazing sunrise – such a night – at a low cost – can be spent in the Lower Silesian mountains in a tent. For campers, we recommend iconic places in the Lower Silesian mountains, which offer atmospheric camping spots. Among them are such locations as Andrzejówka – picturesquely situated on the pass of three valleys, under the peak of Waligóra. You can get there while hiking, incl. take the red trail from Sokołowska to Jedlina-Zdrój or get there by car. Behind the shelter, there is a spacious clearing for pitching a tent, and in the building, well-known blueberry pancakes are served.

2. Find your route

The choice of bicycle routes in the region is huge. This is where you will find, among others Singletrack Glacensis the largest network of singletrack (narrow, one-way paths) in Europe with all levels of difficulty! The routes run through the picturesque Kłodzko Land. The Barycz Valley with beautiful views of the vast fish ponds and the largest forest complex in Poland – Bory Dolnośląskie with interesting routes around Bolesławiec are worth recommending from the low and flat regions of Lower Silesia. In the south, adventurous cyclists will face the challenges of the Owl, Izerskie and Karkonosze Mountains. The areas of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills are also perfect for cycling – small hills should not cause problems for cycling enthusiasts. It is a paradise for everyone interested in the natural heritage of the country.


To plan a trip, we recommend the website: www.dolnyslaskrowerem.pl and the dolnyslaskrowerem application on Android and iOS.

3. Take an unforgettable train journey

In summer, leave your car in the garage and use the great train connections that will take you to Szklarska Poreba, Kudowa Zdrój and even Berlin. This is not only a way to save money, but also an opportunity to admire the beautiful views outside the window while traveling. Koleje Dolnośląskie has prepared many promotional surprises. New connections are waiting for tourists on the Wrocław-Świdnica route via Sobótka. In the summer season, from the beginning of July, weekend trains for cyclists who want to go on a trip, for example, to the Ślęża Massif, will be an additional convenience on line 285.


Find out more at: kolejedolnoslaskie.pl

4. Have an adventure on the water

Canoes, pedal boats, supers, pontoon rafting – you can practice a variety of water sports in the region. It is worth mentioning the famous Mietkowski Lagoon located about 40 km from Wrocław. There you can enjoy the beach, but also use the water facilities that are easily accessible. For those who want to start their kayaking adventure, we recommend Odra, Widawa, Oława and Smortawa. In the vicinity of Barda, the Nysa Kłodzka river flowing through the Kłodzko Valley can provide more impressions, it can be used by pontoons after intense summer rainfall. You can also experience amazing experiences in the vicinity of Bolesławiec during canoeing and pontoon trips on the Bóbr.


You can read more on the website.

Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia

5. Discover the secret

Lower Silesia is an area full of secrets. It hides riddles from World War II. It is here that you can visit the underground complexes of the “Riese” project with a network of corridors, underground tunnels, spacious halls and hear one of the many hypotheses about their purpose. The caves also await the adventurous. Radochowska Cave – discovered in the middle of the 18th century, inside the Bzowiec Mountain in the Złote Mountains, is an exciting 300-meter route that can only be used from April to September. The second one is the Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia (Bear Cave) – the longest of the Sudeten caves and one of the longest and deepest in Poland, with eye-catching stalagmites and various borderland forms. There are also many stories about mysterious characters and objects around the region. The legend of the Golden Train, which has still not been found, and many believe that it is hidden in the mountains and waiting to be discovered, the white Lady in the Czocha castle, walking in the evenings along the corridors of the stronghold or the Mountain Spirit – Karkonosz, i.e. an old man with a long beard who stood inspired Tolkien to create the character of the legendary Gandalf.

6. Conquer the Crown of Polish Mountains

A vacation trip to the mountains? This is a must during your vacation. There are many mountain trails in Lower Silesia, where there is always an impressive view at the top. Among our mountain ranges, we can boast fifteen of the twenty-eight peaks belonging to the Crown of Polish Mountains. Our region is the perfect place to start your adventure in ascending all these heights. Our peaks include higher mountains that require preparation for a day trip, such as Śnieżka, Śnieżnik, Szczeliniec Wielki or Wielka Sowa. The list also includes mountains for less experienced hikers, incl. Chełmiec, Ślęża, Wysoka Kopa or Jagodna. Once you are there, take a rest at the top and enjoy the amazing views.

Ślęża Mountain

photo Agnieszka Papierkowska

7. Feel like royalty

Lower Silesia has the largest number of castles and palaces in Poland, you can travel to different eras by visiting the ruins of medieval castles, baroque majestic buildings on a rocky promontory or the remains of Renaissance buildings. Tourists are attracted by Czocha Castle with its mystery, magic and numerous secret passages and legends, or the pearl of medieval defensive architecture – Bolków Castle. You cannot miss a visit to the fairy-tale Książ Castle with its garden terraces, a park, magnificent stables, a palm house and mysterious undergrounds. Visiting Lower Silesian castles and palaces is an opportunity to travel back in time, learn about past epochs and learn valuable lessons from the past.


You can find more here: Castles and palaces

8. Get to know the iconic place in the Lower Silesian mountains

Hostels along the Main Sudeten Trail, but also facilities located close to cities – in the Lower Silesian mountains, excellent facilities await tourists. Samotnia, Pasterka, Chatka Górzystów, Jagodna are examples of objects that have become an integral part of discovering Lower Silesia. Historic buildings, interesting history, atmospheric accommodation and local delicacies make these places popular. Discover interesting routes, historic buildings, the most beautiful views, i.e. places with an atmosphere that have been attracting enthusiasts of mountain expeditions in Lower Silesia for years. On the website you will find a map with marked locations of iconic places and all information about these objects.

9. Test a trail that has a flavor

Barycz Valley, Wrocław, Ziemia Kłodzka or the vicinity of the Karkonosze Mountains – no matter what destination you choose in the region, you will always find a place where you can try regional drinks. The Lower Silesian Beer and Wine Trail is an initiative thanks to which you will get to know attractive breweries and vineyards as well as brewing and wine culture, you will have the opportunity to try the tastiest regional products and spend time with people who create these extremely interesting places. It turns out that our region abounds in small, local craft breweries and vineyards that have a lot to offer to visitors. Original products, created in a natural way, with the full commitment of the owners of these places, are the greatest assets and a great reason to visit Lower Silesia.

On the website www.dspiw.pl you can check which places belong to the trail and plan your trip.

Flavours of Lower Silesia is  another very long and old culinary trail originated from Lower Silesia. Smacznego ! (pol. Enjoy your meal!)

10. Relax under the palm trees

Cieplice, Czerniawa, Długopole, Duszniki, Jedlina, Kudowa, Lądek, Polanica, Przerzeczyn, Szczawno, Świeradów – there are as many as 11 spa towns in Lower Silesia. It is worth visiting them, drawing healing waters and indulging in long, relaxing walks in the picturesque spa parks. These places are also an opportunity to see interesting places, such as the Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój or the Toy Museum in Kudowa-Zdrój.


You can read more here: dolnyslask.travel/dolnoslaskie-uzdrowiska/