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Regardless of whether you prefer: peaceful walks along the river bank, hiking along mountain trails, cycling or any kind of skiing, you will certainly find something for yourself in Lower Silesia. You can experience the region not only from the ground level, but also from water and air, taking advantage of great conditions for canoeing, gliding and paragliding.

What will you choose today?

On foot

Tourists who prefer hiking cannot complain about the lack of sensations in the case of Lower Silesia.

By bicycle

The bike is a great solution for those who value mobility but don't want to lose touch with the environment. Lower Silesia offers a wealth of cycling routes - for less and more experienced cyclists, both in lowland and mountainous terrain. Discover the region on two wheels!


Once in the castles and palaces of Lower Silesia you could meet knights roaming the roads and highways. Today, the European Trail of Castles and Palaces is also available to those travelling on steel mounts, who replaced heavy armour with modern helmets.

On a horseback

Horse riding is a unique way to explore the region. It allows you to quickly move around, while ensuring contact with nature. In addition - no less important - visiting medieval attractions, you can feel like a real time traveller from a few centuries ago!

For skiing

The names of the most-known Sudeten peaks promise white madness: Śnieżnik and Śnieżka. In Polish these would be male and a female name for something out of the snow, or at least famous for the snow! Not only there, skiers will find well prepared routes - you can also ride in Szklarska Poreba (Szrenica) or in Zieleniec in the Orlickie Mountains. For those who prefer running rather than descending, Lower Silesia also has a lot to offer - headed by the Piast Race - the largest Polish cross-country race taking place every year on the Jakuszycka Glade.

On the water

In Lower Silesia canoeists will feel like fish in water, although they will rather travel on and not in the water. The beautiful rivers of the region, including Kwisa, Bobr, Nysa Klodzka, Barycz and Widawa, offer unforgettable experiences. You won't be bored at your stops either - you will find plenty of fascinating monuments by the rivers. Grab the oars!

In the air

If you have already seen everything from the ground level, it's time to soar into the air and look at Lower Silesia from a bird's eye view.

In the mountains

The Sudetes - a mountain range stretching in the south of Lower Silesia - are the oldest Polish mountains. According to many - also the most interesting. Regardless of whether you are an avid geologist looking for minerals, whether you are fascinated by nature and unique specimens of fauna and flora, whether you are passionate of unusual rock forms, or maybe you just like beautiful views and fresh air - you will find something for yourself!