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It’s not that difficult – the region offers great conditions for glider pilots, paragliders, paratroopers and other aviation sports enthusiasts. A special attraction for tourists from all over Europe is the so-called Karkonosze Wave – a unique configuration of winds over the Giant Mountains, allowing gliders and paragliders to rise to considerable heights.

The dream of flying has accompanied people for a long time, but only the previous century brought us almost universal chance of tourist flights. Sensations that flying by plane, paraglider or balloon give cannot be compared to anything else – a similar feeling of freedom and space cannot be experienced in any other way, not to mention the breathtaking views. There are quite a few aero clubs whose services may be used by tourists in Lower Silesia wanting to embark on a sky trip. We will find them in Wroclaw, Jelenia Gora, Sobotka and Lubin. They all offer tourist glider flights allowing to look at the world from a different perspective, in almost absolute silence and without the sound of an engine whirring.

Paragliding enthusiasts will find favourable conditions in the vicinity of Srebrna Gora, the Chelmiec Mountain, Bukowiec, the Black Mountain and Rudnik in Kowary, and now you can also start from Mala Kopa in Karpacz and Szrenica in Szklarska Poreba. Paragliders who are equally eager to enjoy the charms of the Lower Silesian landscape and favourable weather conditions in the Giant Mountains have an easy task when it comes to finding the right place to start their aerial adventure, especially in terms of a distance they will be able to fly. Don’t wait any longer – get carried away! And admire Lower Silesia also in the air.


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Karkonosze Wave

To the uninitiated, we explain that it is not about water attractions, but about a phenomenon that provides ideal conditions for air sports.

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Dream Jump Karkonosze is the most beautifully situated jumping tower and the most extreme attraction of the Sudetes!