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Lower Silesia is a paradise for landscape enthusiasts. There are fairy-tale labyrinths of erroneous rocks, wide panoramas of the Karkonosze and the Izery Mountains and the picturesque colours of the Landeshut Ridge. On the other hand, lovers of ornithology will be attracted by the backwaters of the Barycz Valley and Milicz Ponds.


For its biggest part rather flat, in the mountain ranges of the Sudetes, Lower Silesia provides beautiful views, including unique rock formations (Pilgrims in the Giant Mountains, Bledne Skaly [Wild Rocks] and Szczeliniec Wielki in the Table Mountains). The region is also characterized by a variety of geological deposits. In the vicinity of Strzegom, Sobotka or in the Giant Mountains you can find unusual specimens of opal, smoky quartz, fluorspar, garnet, jade and many other minerals. Not to mention the Bear Cave, the largest cave in the Sudetes and certainly one of the most beautiful in Poland.


The Barycz River Valley is a unique place due to the richness of fauna and flora. Numerous bird species can be found there: herons, storks, lapwings and hoopoe. The bird that really stands out is a white-tailed eagle, which can be found in the vicinity of Milicz Ponds, although in other places it rarely hunts fish in larger flocks. Wild and picturesque landscape of Lower Silesian Forest, the largest forest complex in Poland, in addition to the more and more frequently appearing wolves, is diversified by small deserts and inland dunes.


Little Japan

A unique place - a piece of real Japan in the heart of the Giant Mountains.