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Forest bicycle routes – Oborniki Śląskie

These are five beautiful bicycle loops that begin and end at the Railway Station in Oborniki Śląskie, marked with a characteristic logo in the area.

The trails are led along charming forest paths and dirt roads, in quite different altitude terrain (yellow and brown). The soil surface is dominant, often sandy, there is a bit of gravel and definitely a symbolic proportion of asphalts.


The longest route is the yellow “oak” route – 34.6 km, the difference in the height of the highest and lowest point is about 70 m, driving through forests of a very different nature dominates here, and the Palace in the Swamp is a “break” worth a while. The blue “fir” trail is not much shorter – 32 km. Here, almost the entire route runs through spacious, high forests and we move along luxurious, wide gravel roads. It is worth mentioning the Jodłowice reserve which we are passing by.


The red “pine” trail (20.5 km) has a different, definitely “field” character, with extensive panoramas, the highlight is the port town in Uraz. The brown wolf (17.5 km) is very interesting, in the northern part we can find quite steep and sandy climbs, so we recommend this trail to more experienced cyclists.


The shortest is the “educational” green “heather” (9.5 km) where you can see the impressive 40 m Douglas fir and take part in a field game. Along the routes, in addition to dense forest development and field sections, we will meet a lot of charming ponds.


When designating the loops, the forest inspectorate adopted the principle that all of them must start and end in Oborniki Śląskie – this is an advantage, but also a disadvantage. For example, starting in Osola, you can drive through the most interesting parts of the system and land in Wrocław at a similar distance. On the map of Oborniki Śląskie-Wrocław (from the cycle weekend cycle) you can also find additional, mentioned options


Author Wiesław Jurewicz


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