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Little Japan – Japanese Garden Siruwia

A unique place – a piece of real Japan in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains.


The youngest explorers and adventurers are invited to the latest attraction – the Modern Playground which is second to none.

Different levels of difficulty will allow both the older and the younger ones to test their skills. Ten-meter slides will satisfy even the most demanding lovers of strong sensations. A huge sandpit – 500 tons of Bielsko-Biala sand will put a wide smile on all little kids’ faces. Happy and satisfied children mean a smile on their parents’ faces, and they will have an opportunity to rest and relax with a good coffee or a cup of real Japanese green tea served in our cafe.

Let us invite you to an adventure filled with family happiness and that will remain in your memories for a long time.


Our museum dedicated to Japanese culture and history with the permanent exhibition ‘Samurai Knight of Old Japan’ is equipped with the latest generation of multimedia devices. Thanks to modern animations and interactive applications showing archival photographs, exceptional films have created a fascinating story that accompanies us on a journey through ancient Japan. This is an unusual meeting of history and modernity. The multimedia exhibition aims to bring knowledge about Japanese culture and history.
The information is presented using modern multimedia and interactive forms. This makes the exhibition attractive to viewers of all ages.

Thanks to the use of a multimedia table with a touch screen everyone can choose the most interesting thematic path. Holographic devices allow you to see an unusual three-dimensional character telling about our museum and Japan.


Visitors to our museum will be able to personally make a souvenir from the exhibition stamping a postcard with an image of a samurai or a geisha.

Little Japan is a unique place. This is not only a beautiful Japanese garden but also a piece of real Japan. It was composed in accordance with the Japanese art of gardening and the feng shui philosophy. A walk in the garden will show you the beauty of the Karkonosze Mountains nature closed in Japanese compositions, streams and waterfalls. In the open air garden of Siruwia you can discover and marvel at the art of bonsai (bon – flat tray, sai-plant). Miniature bonsai trees created by the hand of masters resemble a fragment of the landscape enchanted in a small pot.

Our museum is dedicated to Japanese culture and history with the permanent exhibition ‘Samurai Knight of Old Japan’.

Thanks to the combination of modernity and tradition, visiting Little Japan is a fascinating adventure, providing lots of new experiences and attractions. Samurai, geisha, Japanese garden, bonsai trees, real Japanese green tea or ikebana are all familiar concepts. The variety of Little Japan is enormous and getting to know it is an endless adventure.
Even our youngest explorers and seekers will find something for themselves. A modern playground is second to none as it is a combination of carefree fun and development of children’s fitness. This is the latest attraction at the Siruwia Japanese Garden. Ten-meter slides will satisfy even the most demanding little kids and their parents will have a moment to taste real Japanese green tea served in our cafe.

We invite you on a journey that will be filled with family happiness and will remain in your memories for a long time.

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The end of works is scheduled for the turn of 2022/2023

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