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Christmas markets attract visitors in Wrocław and Lower Silesia

The Wrocław Christmas Market started on November 19. It will last until the end of the year until December 31, including New Year’s Eve. It is also worth considering the fairs in Kliczków, Łomnica and at the Grodziec Castle as a tourist attraction.

Christmas market in Wrocław

For the 14th time, in the heart of Wrocław, we have the opportunity to try traditional dishes from Lower Silesia, Poland and even Europe, flattering the most refined culinary tastes. We can see rare, original and unusual handicrafts that meet the most demanding expectations.
The tradition of Christmas markets came to Wrocław and other Polish cities from Austria and Germany, where such fairs existed already in the Middle Ages. In the case of Wrocław, for understandable historical reasons, one may wonder if it came from Germany. Fairs have been held in this city since the 16th century. Since 2008, Wrocław has been enjoying a splendid Christmas market again. Back, because the city is doing brilliantly reviving that Christmas tradition. The Wrocław Market Square and Solny Square with their medieval tenement houses and the fairytale Hansel and Gretel standing out among them, as well as the dwarfs that inhabit the Wrocław Market Square in great numbers, are an ideal entourage for this colorful tradition.
The commercial function of fairs has changed since the Middle Ages. Back then, before Christmas, you could get all the products you need for Christmas. Over time, the fairs were getting longer and more colorful. Today they are primarily a place of entertainment, recreation and refreshments. Products that used to be essential for life – food, handicrafts and Christmas decorations – still dominate the goods on the market stalls. One may suspect that they may seem a bit exotic to most modern visitors to the fair. Most of us tend to taste original regional food products, such as cheeses from various parts of Europe, Turkish baklava and halva, Podlasie cold cuts, Podhale oscypek cheese, liqueurs, wines, chocolates, gingerbread, pralines and pies, honey and oils – all made by traditional methods.

photo: Pianoforte Agencja Artystyczna – www.jarmarkbozonarodzeniowy.com

When we blend in with the noisy crowd of visitors, we feel the mood of joy and fun. Our hearts feel warmer, but if we would like to warm our souls, we can order mulled wine in an appropriate recipe and a suitable fairy-tale mug-shoe (PLN 15 deposit). So encouraged, we enter the enchanting world of fairy tales, made up of beautiful wooden houses, the Fairytale Forest, where you can listen to popular fairy tales, and then the Christmas Windmill, Rudolf and Friends carousel, a fairy-tale house with a clock tower and a terrace. With a warm heart and a warm soul, we can think about the stomach. Here the offer is rich and kaleidoscopically changes before our eyes with every step – ready meals – noodles, bigos, bread with lard, borscht, sour rye soup, grilled dishes, pancakes – and other traditional delicacies – cakes, waffles, langos and fresh cakes with confectionery from the village of Porszewice near Łódź.
The Lower Silesian Tourist Organization was also among the exhibitors. The organization’s stall is located in the part of the fair that it shares with other organizations of regional exhibitors in the Frontier of Seven Electors. The attraction of the stand are products of regional cuisine associated with the guiding idea, which is the Tastes of Lower Silesia culinary route. Of course, this does not mean that when choosing this route, we should visit other places with the obligation to taste. It is a collection of places scattered in the region that tourists can choose and combine in any way, arranging their excursion programs. Thus, the region and its colorful and rich culinary tradition are represented at the stand by, among others such Lower Silesian delicacies as: gingerbreads and pralines produced in Wrocław, produced with traditional methods of honey (luckily, bees do not sin with innovation) and oils from Lower Silesian oil mills. By visiting the stand, we have a chance to satisfy our sophisticated culinary tastes with packaged products from the Milicz Carp Region, one of the largest centers for breeding this fish in Europe. At the stand, we can also see and buy products produced in Lower Silesia, which have already become a symbol of this region: ceramics from Bolesławiec, crystals from Huta Julia, Lower Silesian flax from the Jelenia Góra region. The presence of DOT is the result of close cooperation and support from the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.



The Lomnica Advent Fair at the Folwark Farm and in the Christmas Magic Barn

On December 4, 2021, the Advent Market will begin at the farm and in the Christmas Magic Barn – the first of three Advent markets with a wide range of handicrafts, decorations and Christmas gifts. Unlike other fairs organizers, Lomnica took the name of its event from the Christian liturgical calendar, in which the word ‘Advent’ means coming. The period of waiting for the ‘coming’ starts from the fourth Sunday preceding Christmas until the dusk of December 24.
As every year, while waiting for the ‘arrival’, we have the opportunity to try culinary regional specialties. Workshops for children and adults have been planned, related to Christmas traditions, e.g. making Christmas decorations. The organizers assure that the fabulous Christmas charm of this largest fair will enchant everyone with the candlelight, the sounds of carols, the smell of mulled wine, live Christmas music and a joyful atmosphere.

Łomnica Palace website


Christmas market on 04-05.12.2021 in the Kliczków Castle

The unique charm of Christmas can be felt in Kliczków, lost among the dense and vast Bory Dolnośląskie. In the unusual surroundings of the Castle, among fragrant spruce trees at market stalls, we can watch, taste and buy homemade and delicious preserves, aromatic pastries, visit stands with regional handicrafts and traditional Christmas accessories. For the youngest, the organizers have prepared many surprises and attractions, as well as a visit from Santa Claus.
Apparently, Mikołaj of Kliczków will go to Grodziec, where his visit was also announced. Distance of approx. 37 km from Kliczków to Grodziec św. Santa will overcome swiftly. The journey by car may take about 40 minutes. A certain inconvenience, however, is the different calendars of both events.

The website of the Fair in Kliczków


The 5th Christmas Market in Grodziec Castle will start on December 12.

This wonderful event, which has become a permanent fixture in the castle’s calendar, attracts guests from all over Poland to Grodziec each year in the pre-Christmas period. This year, the organizers have included many attractions in the program. A presentation of Christmas customs will take place in the unusual setting of Grodziec Castle. For gourmets, an interesting offer of traditional cuisine will be prepared, the culmination of which will be tasting dishes prepared by the Rural Housewives’ Clubs. Artistic tastes will be satisfied by singing Christmas carols and concerts of folk groups. Will perform: Swojacy from Zagrodno, Macierzanka from Wojciechów, Czaplanki from Czapla, Michalinka from Konradówka. As we have already mentioned, from sources close to … we know that Grodziec will visit St. Santa Claus.

More about Grodziec castle

Krzysztof Piłat

photo: Pianoforte Agencja Artystyczna – www.jarmarkbozonarodzeniowy.com

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