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Karkonosze Wave

To the uninitiated, we explain that it is not about water attractions, but about a phenomenon that provides ideal conditions for air sports.

The starting point for sky voyages is the Aeroklub Jeleniogórski and the Karkonosze Paragliding Club. The Karkonosze Wave is a unique phenomenon that allows you to beat altitude records. The phenomenon occurs here every autumn, when masses of warm air flow from the Karkonosze Mountains to the bottom of the Jelenia Góra Valley. Thanks to this, the city is visited by gliders from many countries every year. The Jelenia Góra Aero Club has specialized in wave flights. Its members broke 18 records in the single-seat and multi-seat gliders category. In total, from 1948 to 2002, more than 1,000 diamonds for gliding badges were won here – an international decoration awarded for achievements in the sport of gliding.


Hang gliders and paragliders often use the topography and appropriate weather conditions. You can often see them at the top of the Szybowcowa Mountain, located in the Jelenia Góra Valley at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains. Paragliding enthusiasts especially like the mountain Czoło nad Kowary, Kopa and Szrenica in the Karkonosze Mountains. Most often they can be found on sunny March days. The air space over Szrenica is quite limited and tight, so the place is recommended mainly to experienced paragliders. The Karkonosze Paragliding Club has its take-offs here. You can also start from Rudnik and Wołowa Góra. This year, the slopes of Mała Kopa in Karpacz are also available for paragliding starts. Before the start, all interested parties must obtain the consent of the director of the Karkonosze National Park. After obtaining the permit, you can start from the place indicated in the permit for a specified period of time. Permits are temporary, due to changing weather conditions. The authorization procedures are not complicated. More information can be found on the KPN website – www.kpnmab.pl. You can also start from the upper part of the “Liczyrzepa” slope. The Karkonosze Mountains are the perfect place to conquer the skies. It is worth trying flights on the famous Karkonosze wave.

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