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Once in the castles and palaces of Lower Silesia you could meet knights roaming the roads and highways. Today, the European Trail of Castles and Palaces is also available to those travelling on steel mounts, who replaced heavy armour with modern helmets.

Enthusiasts of two-wheelers, both those powered by their own muscles and those with an internal combustion engine, surely will not be bored in Lower Silesia. They will find a lot of motorcycle and cycling routes in the region. And if someone prefers to decide for themselves where and how they are going, there is nothing simpler – just take a map, circle some interesting places, designate your own route and set off.

In the meantime, a few suggestions: for a longer trip, it is worth taking the already mentioned European Trail of Castles and Palaces. It will not only be a great opportunity to experience the diversity of Lower Silesian nature – from picturesque river valleys and lowlands in the north to beautiful mountain landscapes in the south – but it will also give you a chance to get to know culture and history of the region. The castles of Ksiaz, Grodno, Chojnik, Czocha and Grodziec as well as the palaces in Kamieniec Zabkowicki, Staniszow, Lomnica and Krobielowice are obligatory points on the motorcycle route across Lower Silesia.

An equally interesting solution, especially for those who love winding mountain paths, are routes in the Sudetes – especially the so-called The Hundred Curves Road in the Table Mountains, whose name speaks for itself. The route leading from Radkow to Kudowa-Zdroj provides considerable riding pleasure and, after reaching the destination, you can visit the nearby world-famous Skull Chapel in Czermna. An almost 200-kilometer loop around the Giant Mountains, including Szklarska Poreba, Jakuszyce, Kowary, Karpacz and Chojnik Castle on the Polish side of the mountains, and Harrachov and Janske Lazne on the Czech side, in turn, are a great idea to spend a weekend surrounded by beautiful nature. Other places worth visiting by motorbike include roads leading through the passes in the Owl Mountains – Jugow, Wolibory and Walim – mountain serpentines running across heavily forested areas on which the Nazis built a secret underground complex codenamed ‘Riese’ – one of the obligatory stops on the route.