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European Route of Castles and Palaces

The history of Lower Silesia, full of violent events, has left unforgettable traces of the past. Picturesquely situated mountain castles and fortresses, representative palaces once belonging to wealthy German families and mysterious ruins, whose glory days are remembered only by the wind blowing through the corridors and chambers of the sumptuous residence, are today a pearl in the crown of the region’s cultural heritage.


The European Route of Castles and Palaces, taking advantage of the unique accumulation of objects of extraordinary historical value in Lower Silesia, offers cultural and culinary attractions, including reconstruction events, in a total of several locations throughout the voivodeship – from the vicinity of Wrocław to the Kłodzko Valley and mountain areas in the south-west end of Lower Silesia.


Prepared with modern knights riding motorcycles in mind, the European Route of Castles and Palaces provides an extraordinary viewing experience also when moving between individual buildings. And among them there are, among others the beautifully situated castles of Książ, Czocha, Grodno and Bolków, as well as palaces and sumptuous residences in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki, Leśnica and Krobielowice.



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Christmas markets attract visitors in Wrocław and Lower Silesia

The Wrocław Christmas Market started on November 19. It will last until the end of the year until December 31, including New Year's Eve. It is also worth considering the fairs in Kliczków, Łomnica and at the Grodziec Castle as a tourist attraction.

A new underground tourist route at the Książ Castle

Wałbrzych - the capital of the Lower Silesian secrets, invites you

The white lady of the Grodno castle

For centuries, a white lady has haunted the Grodno castle. The local people said that she was the wife of the castellan of the castle, who, after losing her husband, threw herself from the walls into the abyss and wandered over them since then.

Architecture enthusiasts

The beauty and richness of Lower Silesian architecture has delighted millions of tourists who come every year to admire both the treasures of Wrocław and the entire region.

Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów Luxury Hotel

It is an ecological and exclusive place of rest for exceptional guests. It captivates with the unique atmosphere of a 16th-century Renaissance castle, in which historic interiors are decorated in a modern style.

Royal Palace

Located in the southern part of the historic Old Town, on one of the main streets in Wrocław, the Royal Palace is not only one of the most impressive buildings in the immediate vicinity of the Market Square, but also one of the most important monuments in the capital of Lower Silesia.

Sarny Castle

The 16th century castle in Ścinawka Górna in the Kłodzko County at the foot of the Stołowe Mountains.

Kamieniec Ząbkowicki

Kamieniec Ząbkowicki is a picturesque town located in the south-eastern part of the Lower Silesia Province. The proximity to the ranges of the Złote Mountains and the Bardo Mountains makes it a perfect place for a weekend break. The season in the commune lasts all year round, because apart from the mountains, there are numerous architectural and religious monuments.