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In Lower Silesia canoeists will feel like fish in water, although they will rather travel on and not in the water. The beautiful rivers of the region, including Kwisa, Bobr, Nysa Klodzka, Barycz and Widawa, offer unforgettable experiences. You won’t be bored at your stops either – you will find plenty of fascinating monuments by the rivers. Grab the oars!

There are many places for rowing. You can kayak on the rivers flowing around the very centre of Wroclaw and needless to say it is really worth spending some time exploring the city, and especially Ostrow Tumski, from a slightly different perspective of the Odra River and its tributaries. But this is only the beginning of your adventures. We have a total of over 1000 km of river routes in Lower Silesia. All you need to do is to drive for a while to find yourself in a completely different world. Picturesque routes in the slow-flowing Barycz river valley will be a great solution for a family outing, during which there will be time to rest in the fresh air, and to explore the monuments of the region in Milicz or Sulow. Calm, and therefore also suitable for people starting their adventure with kayaks, are also the Widawa, Olawa and Smortawa rivers. Slightly more difficult and troublesome, mainly due to the number of obstacles on the water route, is the Nysa Luzycka flowing along the Polish-German border but the effort is compensated by the beautiful views in the Lower Silesian Forests through which the river flows.


For the water sports enthusiasts Nysa Klodzka, Kwisa and Bobr will provide stronger sensations. You can only go on the Nysa Klodzka, running through the Klodzko Valley, in spring when it is flooded with water from melting snow, or after intense summer rainfall. The stretch between Klodzko and Bardo is considered to be particularly interesting. The Kwisa is also a mountain river on several sections – especially around Devil’s Dam between Osieczow and Kliczkow –only calming down in the lowlands. Out of the three rivers mentioned, the Bobr will be the most difficult for canoeing enthusiasts – it will take about 10 days to cross the entire trail – but the route, especially around the Wlenia river located in the valley, is full of unusual natural and historical attractions.