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#FindYourTrack – #ZnajdźSwojąTrasę – EXTREME ROUTES

Numerous obstacles, a bumpy roads, a lot of a fun – such routes are waiting for cyclists who are ready for a high dose of adrenaline. See another spot, this time with extreme runs

Downhill and enduro – these names can only testify to extreme routes, and there are many such routes in Lower Silesia. Before you know where such places are in the region, however, discover what is behind these names. Downhill, or downhill biking, is characterized by a fast ride on a prepared road with unevenness, often protruding stones and roots. The road from the steep summit is short, but very fast, because time is of the essence in this discipline. Most often, such routes are found in Bike Parks. Enduro routes, compared to downhill routes, differ in that they are long-distance routes, which are primarily intended to be fun to drive. What’s more, during enduro, cyclists go both uphill and enjoy the descent, and in the case of downhill, the designated starts are accessed by a lift.

Downhill – Czarna Góra

Numerous obstacles, a bumpy road, great fun – these are the possibilities of downhill cycling, i.e. downhill cycling. From among a dozen or so paths in the Bike Park in Czarna Góra, you can choose those that are intended for people expecting amazing experiences. These include Downhill LUX and Downhill TORPEDA. These are specially prepared roads – a steep route with elements that make it difficult to descend, such as sharp turns, jumps, narrow paths, rocky ground and protruding roots. The road is organized in such a way as to let you feel the speed for over 2 km of driving, make effective jumps and surprise yourself with unexpected turns. In Bike Park, you take a cable car at each beginning of the route, so that later you can only enjoy the ride down. You have to remember that these are routes for experienced cyclists who are ready for a high dose of adrenaline. And for people who want to start their adventure with extreme rides, there are gentler routes in the Bike Park, where you can learn skills. Check these paths and see what obstacles and surprises await you!

Plan your route: https://czarnagora.pl/mapa_letnia/

Bike Park Czarna Góra

Srebrna Góra Fortress

Enduro routes – Srebrna Góra

A place for extreme descents is also found in the valley between the Sowie and Bardzkie Mountains. In this area, many routes of varying difficulty have been created, including enduro routes belonging to the Sudety MTB zone. Enduro is associated with fast descents, mountain views and an exciting ride, and indeed, Srebrna Góra has such features. There are four variants of roads waiting for fans of this type of trail. They allow you to develop cycling skills, overcome your barriers and, above all, have fun for experienced cyclists. The great advantage is that you can get to the starting point by specially organized transport. These are the so-called flow trips – cyclists and their vehicles are taken by a bus from Srebrna Góra, taking everyone to the chosen route. You have to buy a pass in advance and use as many as 5 entries on different routes. By the way, it is worth planning a stop at the Srebrna Góra Fortress, where, together with a guide, you can visit the largest, impregnable mountain fortress in Europe.



Before you choose a bicycle route that is adequate for you, think about your real possibilities. In order to traverse high-level trails, which are characterized by a large difference in height, you should remember to properly prepare and gradually raise the bar. All cyclists must take into account the fast-changing weather, so you always need to have an appropriate outfit, mini-kit, flashlight or a raincoat with you.

Lower Silesia will be able to satisfy many cyclists with its routes, so check what the region has to offer