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Radków commune

An urban-rural commune located in the south-western part of the Lower Silesia Province, in an extremely picturesque region of the Kłodzko Valley, including, among others, middle and top floors of the Stołowe Mountains.

Not only the location favorable to hiking makes it not worth staying in one place for too long when visiting Radków and its surroundings. The number of various attractions – from the beautiful landscapes that can be admired from the nearby hills and viewpoints, through monuments of material culture, to unique, unique specimens of natural heritage – will allow everyone, regardless of the preferred form of recreation, to find something for themselves in the Radków Commune. myself. A special point on the tourist map is the baroque Sanctuary of the Wambierzyce Queen of Families from the first half of the 18th century – a center of Marian cult known also outside Poland, a place of pilgrimages of believers from many parts of the world. While traveling through the commune, it is worth taking advantage of the so-called Roads of a Hundred Curves, a several-kilometer section of the provincial road 387, connecting Radków with Kudowa-Zdrój. It is also a great opportunity to get out of the car or get off the motorcycle for a longer time and admire the beauty of the local nature and extremely interesting rock formations, the most important of which are the Fotel Pradziadza, Radkowskie Skały, Białe Skały and Błędne Skały. The last of the above-mentioned groups is a completely phenomenal rock labyrinth, formed by a network of cracks and alleys, with an area of ​​up to 22 ha.