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It is the highest district of Szklarska Poręba (included in the city in 1945), known primarily for the fact that the largest Polish cross-country skiing center is located here, in which international ski competitions are organized every year (including the one taking place at Polana Jakuszycka the famous Piast Race since 1976).

fot. Michał Dadełło / CC BY-SA

The network of interconnected routes, which together provide about 100 km of well-prepared walking and hiking routes, attracts thousands of runners and snow lovers to Jakuszyce. Until recently, the Polish-Czech border crossing Jakuszyce-Harrachov (liquidated under the Schengen Agreement) operated here, and now, thanks to the possibility of fully free crossing the border, Jakuszyce works extremely well as a starting point for hiking, cycling and skiing – both on the Polish and Czech side of the Jizera Mountains and the Karkonosze Mountains. In approximately four hours of walking, you can get from Jakuszyce through Hala Izerska to Świeradów-Zdrój or, in the opposite direction, deeper into the Karkonosze, through Hala Szrenicka to Śnieżne Kotły and Wielki Szyszak. Nearby there is also the aforementioned Harrachov with a ski jumping complex, where the prestigious World Cup ski flying competitions are held, and a beautiful waterfall on Mumlava.


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The end of works is scheduled for the turn of 2022/2023

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The Okraj Pass and the Na Przełęczy Okraj shelter

The pass is located in the eastern Karkonosze Mountains and rises to a height of 1046 m above sea level.

Mirsk commune

An urban-rural commune in the south-western part of the Lower Silesia Province, situated at the foot of the Izera Mountains, on the route from Szklarska Poręba to Świeradów-Zdrój.