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Srebrna Góra Fortress

Visit unconquered places! Visit the largest impregnable mountain fortress in Europe.

The Srebrna Góra Fortress, so conquer the impregnable!


It is a unique facility in Europe. And not only because it is the largest mountain fortification on the Old Continent. The Srebrna Góra Fortress has interesting, multi-threaded history dating back to the 18th century, but also to World War II. It offers amazing mountain views, it is a place where whole families can spend exceptional time. We encourage you to discover this unique place that has never been conquered by anyone in history …


At the time of its construction (1765-1777) it was one of the most modern fortifications of this type in all of Europe. Today, when visiting the Fortress, we enter a “living museum” in which there is no question of even a moment of boredom. The sightseeing route leads through the bomb-resistant interiors of the last defense building – DONJON. In its subsequent rooms, we learn the secrets of how to defend the fortress or how to use artillery and black powder weapons. In the soldiers’ room, kitchen and well (60 m) recreated with the greatest artistry, we learn about the hardships of everyday life in the Fortress. After passing the underground route, we stand in the deepest dry moat – almost 10 floors high (to this day we are surprised how something like this was built over 250 years ago!). In the field hospital, we will find out how big the whole Fortress is and why it creates a self-sufficient “underground city” … We will get to know the whole story with a guide dressed in the historical uniform of a soldier of the Fortress garrison. The tour will be crowned with a flintlock pistol or a cannon shot.


The fortification can be visited every day, all year round. Each season brings different impressions. Winter is harsh but also beautiful. It allows you to realize how difficult life was centuries ago – especially in the mountains. Autumn delights with the number of colors, it is the perfect time for amazing photos. And spring and summer seem to be intended for family trips. You can easily visit the Srebrna Góra Fortress with young children – they will surely love the local herd of goats and sheep. Nothing prevents you from taking your dog with you! If someone wants additional emotions, it is worth going on a Night Tour of the Srebrna Góra Fortress. It takes place regularly, usually every Saturday – the exact dates can be found at www.forty.pl. Information on sightseeing, events taking place in the fortifications, and various undertakings can also be found on the fb profile of the Srebrna Góra Fortress.


We recommend:

Night tour of the fortress (special offer).

Historical shooting range with various types of automatic weapons, rifles and pistols.

Rides on a 570-meter zip-line.

The Sudety MTB Zone (The Largest Bicycle Route System in Poland).

The Srebrna Góra Fortress www.forty.pl

On photo: Srebrna Gór Fortress

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