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Mountain shelters of the Kłodzko Land

It is even hard to imagine how we would endure many hours of hiking in the mountains, if there wound’t be a prospect of even a short rest on the route – in a shelter, providing a moment of rest from the wind, rain and snow, as well as the sun scorching in the summer.

On photo: Na Szczelińcu shelter

Jagodna photo by Jacek Halicki / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

It is often, in addition to the breathtaking views on the trails, the hostels and the people working in them, enthusiasts devoting their entire lives to the mountains, create the unique atmosphere of the Sudetes.



Mountain shelter in Śnieżnik

The first buildings were erected in the vicinity of Śnieżnik at the beginning of the 19th century, the present hostel building, however, is a slightly later structure, dating from 1871. It is no longer accompanied by an observation tower, which was pulled down at the beginning of the 1970s, which means that in the vast Hala pod Śnieżnikiem (Meadow next to Śnieżnik), we can only keep our eyesight at the shelter. Inside, there are accommodation places (58) and a buffet waiting for guests, while around – incl. swimming pool (perfect for winter swimming) and stunning views, especially in winter when the area is covered with heavy snow.


Pod Muflonem

The shelter, originally a dairy farm and later a restaurant, is located on the edge of Duszniki-Zdrój, a well-known health resort in the Bystrzyckie Mountains. The hostel offers 50 beds, a cold buffet and a restaurant. However, this place is much more than just a hostel, concerts, meetings and exhibitions taking place there make it an important point on the cultural map of the area, which can be admired from the beautifully situated observation deck. An interesting fact is that right next to the entrance to the building, the Bolko ash tree grows for over 150 years old and is considered a natural monument.



In addition to the popular Mouflon, there is also the Jagodna shelter in the area, which took its name from the highest peak of the Bystrzyckie Mountains. In Jagodna, we managed to keep something of the atmosphere of the old days – thanks to the interior design, delicious cuisine and the hospitality of the hosts. An ideal place to rest (56 beds, a library, a fireplace and many more) after skiing (there is a ski lift nearby), cycling or hiking in the mountains.



A cult shelter in the Stołowe Mountains, where it is impossible to get bored even for a short while. It will be perfect as a starting point for trails in the Stołowe Mountains (including Szczeliniec Wielki, Błędne Skały) in warmer months and nearby cross-country trails in winter. 50 beds, a restaurant, and, among others, a moving shed made of Lego blocks, a unique escape room Emil, a sauna and a tub, and a specially prepared program of one- or several-day trips.


Na Szczelińcu

The crossing of the trail from Karłów to Szczeliniec Wielki is one of the greatest attractions of this part of the Sudetes – numerous rock formations, labyrinths and ravines create a truly amazing atmosphere here. And now to think that in the shelter on the top of the hill, from which there is a beautiful view of the surroundings during the day, you can stay overnight, admiring the sunset beforehand. There are 38 places to stay, there is also a buffet, a dining room with board games, guitars and books.

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