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Milicz Ponds

One of the biggests pond complex in Europe. Popularised not only by carp breeding but also by lovely walking trails with perfect opportunities for bird watching.

Currently, there are over three hundred of them, which makes them the largest complex of fish ponds in Europe. Their total area is over 6,000 hectares, located in the Lower Silesian part of the Barycz Valley Landscape Park (which is the largest park of this type in Poland) – Milickie Ponds, because of course we are talking about them, invite you to the bosom of nature, enchant you and allow you to discover many different ways. Meet some of them!


Because you can actually discover the ponds in your own way. Beginning your adventure with this place, we recommend going to Ruda Sułowska to CET NATURUM on FotoSafari, which is a guided tour to the heart of the reserve. A great adventure and an opportunity to get to know the Valley will also be a family tour of the area by bike or a canoeing trip on the Barycz River (over 1,100 km of different routes are available). On the other hand, tourists – naturalists will find here a system of towers and hideouts used to observe nearly 300 species of birds. So, on foot, by canoe, by bike, alone or with a guide – it’s worth it.


“Today, it is undoubtedly the only and unique place in Europe where humans interact with wildlife on the basis of full partnership. The ponds are a mainstay of untamed game and a bird’s paradise – says Paweł Wysella, member of the management board of Stawy Milickie SA. And he adds: – Great flocks of birds are a daily sight here – cranes, white-tailed eagles, herons, grebes and many other species. Everything here is the greatest – the ponds, landscape park, nature reserve, and even the ways to discover this land of uniqueness are endless.


The uniqueness of Milickie Ponds meant that they are the only ones in Poland to belong to the prestigious group Living Lakes (living lakes), i.e. an international network of lakes and other water reservoirs characterized by valuable natural values. Living Lakes, next to Milicz Ponds, include, among others, Baikal, Dead Sea, Balaton, Titicaca, and Lake Victoria.


On the occasion of visiting Milickie Ponds, all interesting history of the region, we also invite you to the Museum of Fisheries Tradition of Milickie Ponds and the Barycz Valley (free admission, daily from 10:00 to 18:00) consisting of two objects: an open-air museum with a presentation of fishing tools and a House Rybak depicting the recent history of the Stawy Milickie Farm. For centuries, the greatest treasure of the Barycz Valley has been fish, including the king of Milicz carp. That is why in Naturum it is worth visiting the 8 Fish Farm, where dishes made of local products are served.


Ponds Milickie and the Barycz Valley are a refuge of birds and nature, a place of good life and traditional flavors of the Barycz Valley. One of the most picturesque and mysterious regions of Lower Silesia, where you can relax among ponds and forests. What we encourage you to do!

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Known far beyond the borders of the region, mainly for the largest group of breeding ponds in Europe (Stawy Milickie), Milicz is a small town located in the northern part of the Lower Silesia Province, in the picturesque valley of the Barycz River.

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