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Lower Silesia at EXPO 2020

The EXPO World Exhibition in Dubai has already started. Lower Silesia is ready for the exhibition, which will be held on December 2-8

For the first time the World Exhibition EXPO has started in the Middle East, in the United Arab Emirates. Among the treasures of Lower Silesia that will be presented in Dubai. Stawy Milickie, the water knowledge center Hydropolis, Wrocław dwarfs, ceramics from Bolesławiec and crystal products.

EXPO is the world’s largest cyclical exhibition showing the cultural, scientific and technical achievements of nations and societies. Two hundred countries and organizations are presented in Dubai. Poland also has its own pavilion.

– Lower Silesia will present its enormous economic and tourist potential during the World Exhibition EXPO 2020. This is a great opportunity to establish trade and business contacts, promote regional products and present the values ​​of our beautiful region to the world – says Cezary Przybylski, Marshal of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

Lower Silesia is part of the Polish pavilion, which was awarded by The National daily as one of the 17 most interesting ones at EXPO 2020 in Dubai. The presentation of the region on December 2-8 includes the Polish Day, which is scheduled for December 7. Representatives of Lower Silesia will talk about sustainable water management and minimizing water losses through closed-loop solutions.

At the Lower Silesia exhibition, visitors will find such exhibits as Fire from Water, the Rain installation and three cups that symbolize the most important economic trends in the region – ceramics, copper and crystal. Lower Silesia will also have a unique representative – the famous Dwarf Życzliwek, this time in a special form – a sculpture made of transparent acrylic imitating water.

I believe that our joint exhibition will be able to encourage EXPO guests to visit Wrocław – a modern, enterprising city and extremely open to people and new technologies. These topics are close to the inhabitants of Dubai and the companies involved in new technologies, says Jakub Mazur, Vice Mayor of Wrocław.

Participation in EXPO is a chance to promote the region, Wrocław and local tourist attractions.

The pandemic hindered the activities on foreign markets, now, on the occasion of the new opening, we are intensifying activities aimed at inviting tourists from Arab countries to our city and region. We were present at the tourism fair in Dubai in May 2021, Wrocław’s participation in EXPO is another “brick” in building the image of the city in a world region with great potential – adds Radosław Michalski, Director of the City Promotion and Tourism Department of Wrocław City Hall.

In addition, during the exhibition, visitors will travel to Lower Silesia, Wrocław and the Hydropolis water knowledge center – both in the VR zone and live via the Wrocław – Dubai virtual portal.

MPWiK Wrocław and Hydropolis as authorities in the field of ecological education and water education at the World Exhibition EXPO will strongly pay attention to the issue of climate change, which has a strong impact on the constantly declining water resources. This is our role, no matter where on Earth. We are glad that at such a prestigious event as EXPO, we will present one of the few in the world knowledge center about water – emphasizes Witold Ziomek, President of MPWiK Wrocław.

But water is not only a liquid substance. The exhibits on display show all states of water aggregation. The steam screen, which will be placed at the entrance to the Temporary Exhibition Zone, is to symbolically transfer visitors in time and place, so that they feel the atmosphere of Lower Silesia. A curtain of broken water particles serves as a translucent screen. On the other hand, the glowing ice floe-shaped seats refer to the Polish, cold winter and floating pieces of ice on the rivers.

An area that uniquely presents the beauty of the nature of Lower Silesia is Ponds Milickie – biodiverse, rich in numerous species of animals, especially birds. Importantly, the exhibits presented in Dubai will be on display at the Hydropolis water knowledge center after the end of the Exhibition.

The arena of the Polish presentation is the Polish Pavilion with an area of ​​over 2000 m2 with a wooden facade and a kinetic sculpture symbolizing a flock of birds. A spectacular element of the exhibition will be an artistic multimedia installation “Polish Table”, consisting of 120 modules made of Polish wood and special modules made by leading artists, architects and engineers.

The Polish Pavilion is a place for a multidimensional presentation of Poland. Its slogan will be “Poland. Creativity inspired by nature – Poland. Creativity inspired by nature ”. The WXCA studio together with the Bellprat Partner studio is responsible for the development of the design and the architectural and thematic concept of the pavilion and the exhibition. Together, they created a unique, immersive, permeating space, inviting visitors to experience Polish nature, culture, and innovative technological solutions. The pavilion is to inspire and share with the world many solutions for a conscious, sustainable future. The consortium of Science Now, Stellar Fireworks and Tellart, which is also the originator of the “Polish Table” and zone V “Poland, is responsible for the detailed concept of the exhibition narrative, key experiences and the production of all multimedia materials. Landscapes of creativity ”. The General Contractor of the Polish Pavilion is the Poznań International Fair consortium – FM Aldentro.

More information on the website devoted to the participation of Poland in World Exhibitions: www.expo.gov.pl and in the social channels of Poland at Expo: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.