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Bless you! We have the largest number of spa towns in Poland.

Lower Silesia has the largest number of them in Poland. The healing properties of the waters that can be found in them make them nationwide famous, and the picturesque areas attract tourists of all ages. We invite you to Lower Silesian spas, and we have so many of them that everyone will choose the best one for themselves.

Eleven out of 45 classified Polish spas are located in our voivodeship. Cieplice, Czerniawa, Długopole, Duszniki, Jedlina, Kudowa, Lądek, Polanica, Przerzeczyn, Szczawno, Świeradów – Lower Silesia invites you to these spas. It is worth visiting them, drawing healing waters and devoting yourself to long, relaxing walks.

One of the oldest health resorts in Poland is Cieplice in Lower Silesia. Currently Cieplice is a part of Jelenia Góra (Cieplice was a separate town until 1976), the health resort has been attracting health-conscious tourists for centuries. The healing properties of the Cieplice waters were used as early as at the end of the 13th century, from 1281 to be precise. In Cieplice hot springs, the water temperature reaches up to 90 degrees Celsius, which makes them the hottest springs in Poland.

Today, Lower Silesian spas attract not only patients, but also entire families. Beautiful, revitalized spa parks and a multitude of tourist attractions located both in and near the spa towns make it possible for whole families to spend their time in an interesting way. Kudowa Zdrój also invites you to the Toy Museum, where everyone will find and remember their childhood. We will also learn about old customs by visiting the local Vanishing Professions Trail (Szlak Ginących Zawodów), and for hiking fans  there are the nearby Błędne Skały.

In Świeradów Zdrój, on the other hand, an interesting place is Czarci Młyn, where we will learn the history of this place, and also try a fresh slice of bread baked in the mill. It is also worth visiting the Izerska Łąka, where we will see the life of bees and learn about the Izera dark sky park.

Duszniki will attract fans of Fryderyk Chopin, who spent the summer here in 1826, and now hosts the festival of his name. Polanica offers picturesque health paths, while Lądek Zdrój will be encouraged by the green arboretum and the Radachowa Cave.

The fact that we can still drink healing water after all these trips and attractions makes Lower Silesian spas places worth recommending to everyone.

So… discover your favorites.

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