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Ladek’s egg

In Ladek-Zdroj a visually impaired artist prepares to renovate a record-breaking egg forgotten by the inhabitants.

Basen w Lądku Zdroju

Old Ladek’s glamour

Spa properties of Ladek’s waters were already known in the Middle Ages. The heads of states, artists and ordinary people were treated there. Both tourists and patients would, after the treatments, get on trains taking them to Berlin, Prague or Warsaw. At present, this charming place in the east of Klodzko Valley is rising after the difficult economic changes of the 1990s.


The miraculous power of eggs

An egg is a symbol of the sun, awakening, rebirth but, above all, of a new life. That is why in 2015, on the initiative of the parents’ council of the local school, a huge egg was transported to Ladek-Zdroj. Given its dimensions of 3.5 meters in height and 8 meters in circumference five men would have trouble clasping their hands embracing this colossus. What is more, a hen would have to be about 15 meters high to cope with laying such an egg. It is no wonder, then, that common painting of the giant Easter egg organized on the market square during the Easter festival enjoyed such interest.

Ladek was abundant in eggs

This huge egg is not the only egg record that Ladek-Zdroj has made. Years ago it was there that the only Championships in Eating Hard Boiled Eggs in the country were held (the record is 43 eggs eaten per hour). Thanks to Zbigniew Piotrowicz, a member of the Society for Controlling Extraordinary Records, Ladek also made its mark in the history of breaking frying records for the world’s largest scrambled eggs – in 2002 a dish consisting of 2,520 eggs was prepared in a 300 kg pan. To this day you can admire the pan in one of the Ladek’s guesthouses.

But where did the biggest Polish Easter egg go? It is no longer standing next to the town hall. It was seen in the Spa Park. It turns out that a somewhat forgotten attraction stands in front of one of the guesthouses.


Although its current condition leaves a lot to be desired, there is a chance that it will have a ‘new life’. There is a hope that Leszek Borto from Wroclaw, one of the participants of journalistic workshops organized for people with visual impairments as a part of the project ‘Knowledge and skills as a certain step to employment – supporting social and professional potential and integration of blind and visually impaired people’ who, with the help of his son, intends to renew the neglected egg. It turns out that the visually impaired can see the value where the ones with a healthy sight just pass by without reflection.

Text: Marek Wilczyński, Joanna Wachnicka

Cooperation: Leszek Borto, Sebastian Korzekwa, Zdzisław Gulewicz (participants of the project ‘Knowledge and skills as a sure step to employment – supporting social and professional potential and integration of blind and visually impaired people’)