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Klodzko Area invites you in winter

Klodzko area invites you for a wonderful winter holiday. Both active winter sports enthusiasts and lovers of peaceful relaxation will find something for themselves. This region is an extremely picturesque area of Lower Silesia very attractive in summer and winter.

fot. Ziemia kłodzka zimą – Czarna Góra Ski Resort

The area covers Klodzko Valley which is surrounded by the ranges of the Central and Eastern Sudetes. On the map of Poland it is a characteristic rectangle indented in the Czech Republic. In its central point there is the main transport hub and the capital of the region – Klodzko, located about 80 km from Wroclaw.

Klodzko area attracts skiing enthusiasts as there are many resorts with well-prepared downhill slopes as well as cross-country skiing trails.

Even in winter you can also go on a classic hike in a harsh mountain landscape. You can admire the picturesque wide winter views from fifteen observation towers scattered on the tops of the mountain ranges surrounding Klodzko Valley. After a busy day in the snow, you can relax by taking advantage of the rich offer of nearby spas.

The network of indoor swimming pools in the region allows you to swim, play and relax in water even during winter. The most popular are intimate recreational pools in spa facilities, and those who want a proper swim are welcome in the pools in Kudowa-Zdroj, Polanica-Zdroj, Klodzko, Nowa Ruda and Stronie Slaskie. There are several SPA centres in Klodzko where guests can use swimming pools, a sauna or a jacuzzi. In addition, you can take advantage of their comprehensive offer of a comfortable stay with treatments that restore health and improve beauty.

During a longer rest in Klodzko area the guests will certainly not be bored. However, to regenerate it is worth going on a weekend or even a one-day trip to the mountains. Welcome!



This a year-round mountain resort located in the picturesque Snieznik Massif only 120 kilometers from Wrocław and 13 km from Ladek-Zdroj. With excellent ski and hotel infrastructure it encourages winter recreation and provides breathtaking views. Black Mountain (Czarna Gora) Resort is a clean air zone 365 days a year because in this mountain environment the average annual AQI pollution is below 10 points per 100.

The resort offers:
– 3 cableways, 6 ski lifts, including one 6-person railway cable car to the summit of the Black Mountain (1150 m a.s.l.),
– the longest in Poland double ALPINECOASTER – 950 m long, develops speed up to 40 km/h,
– 14 ski runs with a total length of 14 km (9 FIS approvals for routes ski)
– 4 belt lifts for collision-free skiing,
– 7 illuminated ski runs + 4 illuminated training clearings
– ski rentals and schools,
– 1700 beds in modern apartments
– restaurants, bars
– one pass for everyone,
– 70 km of cross-country tracks in the area.



Ski lifts on the Black Mountain:

– chairlift for 2 people 1367/379 m,
– chair lift 4 people 370/58 m,
– chair lift 4 people 1100/268 m,
– T-bar 370/68 m,
– plate 371/59 m,
– T-bar 868/231 m,
– T-bar 213/60 m,
– T-bar 210/35 m,
– T-bar 180/33 m,
– T-bar 157/19 m,
– carousel.


The ski station in Zieleniec is one of the largest ski resorts in Poland. It lies at an altitude of 800-1025 m a.s.l. on the slopes of the Orlicke Mountains, near Duszniki-Zdroj. Its location and specific microclimate, similar to the Alpine climate, mean that snow in Zieleniec lies for 150 days a year. The start of the season usually falls at the beginning of December, while the end at the turn of March and April.

The resort offers:
– 29 lifts and cabin lifts with 6 modern couches, including one couch and gondola lift
– 41 perfectly prepared routes with a total length of 23 kilometres and with varying degrees of difficulty, most of them are illuminated,
– 4 belt lifts for collision-free skiing,
– snow park with half-pipe slide,
– attractive accommodation base (1500 places), SPA hotel, restaurants, bars,
– equipment rentals and ski schools,
– one pass for all lifts and railways.

Nearby, on the border with the Czech Republic, there is the Masaryk Hut hostel. Over 200 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails are marked throughout the area, including the ones on the Czech side of the border.


Lifts in Zieleniec:

– T-bar seven 350/95 m
– Five Winterpol T-bar 720/180 m
– Five Winterpol chairlift for 4 people 900/280 m
– Edelweiss baby lift 70/5 m
– Edelweiss baby lift 100/30 m
– Four Winterpol plateau 448/109 m
– Triple Winterpol 6-seater chair 620/141 m
– Leader baby lift 100/20 m
– Bartus I plateau 250/42 m
– Bartus II disc 250/42 m
– Gryglowka railway for 4 people 600/120 m
– Sniezka plate 233/40 m
– Kaja plate 474/110 m
– Winnie Nartorama baby lift 80/10 m
– Ten – T-bar Nartorama 443/110 m
– Irena saucer 232/58 m
– Plate fir fir 505/120 m
– Double Nartorama T-bar 700/142 m
– Plate stick Nartorama 260/38 m
– Plate stick Nartorama 260/38 m
– Diamond and plate 264/36 m
– Diamond plate II 265/36 m
– Six Winterpol T-bar 700/140 m
– ASN baby lift 80/10 m
– Tubing 120 m
– Mieszko III disc 350/55 m
– Mieszko S1 baby lift 70/12 m
– Mieszko plate S2 200 m
– Mieszko II disc 300/61 m
– Mieszko and plate 300/68 m





Kamienica Ski Station is located on the slopes of the Zawada Mountain in Kamienica and Boleslawow, 12 km from Czarna Gora (the Black Mountain) and 4 km from Stronie Slaskie. Is a station designed for parents with small children and it is also suitable for training and competitions for children, teenagers, family, social and business events.
Kamienica Ski Station and the Black Mountain Ski Resort have joint passes sold at the ticket offices of both resorts.

Ski Station Kamienica offers:

– four-person BOLEK cableway with a movable walkway at boarding, with a length of 400 m, transport capacity 2400 people / hour, with an easy downhill track artificially snowed and illuminated for skiing in the evening,
– three ski-lifts with a length of 300 – 450 m with wide downhill runs of varying difficulty, artificially snowed,
– illuminated route for evening skiing,
– slalom slope with a fixed time measuring system,
– ski school with the BABYLIFT lift,
– tavern open all year round with full catering facilities and local beer from Kamienica Brewery, with the possibility of organizing events, social gatherings, baptisms, weddings and other family celebrations,
– parking at the inn for several hundred passenger cars and buses,
– good access from Stronie Slaskie.





The best alpine skiers in Poland, competitors in the European and World Cups, train here.
Jugow Sports Park currently has one slope at the Beech Hut (Bukowa Chata [Rymarz]) and it has been equipped with two new TATRAPOMA ski lifts. There are 5 ski runs here from easy – green to difficult – black. The Black Route has FIS approval.

The slope is artificially snowed, groomed and illuminated. Routes are shared without interruption including night skiing.

The total length of the ski runs in Jugow Sport Park is 3300 m. The slope length of Rymarz is 600 m and the elevation is 180 m.




Bieliczak station in Bielice is located near the towns of Stronie Slaskie and Ladek-Zdroj. It is ideal for beginner skiers, regardless of age. It is characterized by perfectly prepared ski runs illuminated after dark with the following parameters:

– type of lift: FWS-70,
– length: 355 m,
– height difference: 83 m,
– average gradient: 24%,
– travel speed: 2 m / s,
– entry time: 3 min,
– downhill runs: easy,
– working hours of the lift: from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.



Ladek-Zdroj Ski Station is a small ski resort located on the northern slopes of the Trojak Mountain. It is located in the heart of Ladek-Zdroj and is a perfect place to spend free time with family and friends. Everyone will find a suitable downhill route there.

The resort is about 300 m away from the spa part. For downhill enthusiasts six downhill runs have been prepared – five of them for beginners (blue) and one (red) for more demanding skiers .

Ski lifts:

– T-bar lift – 550 m,
– belt lift – 50 m,
– plate lift – 360 m,
– four-person cable car – 300 m,
– a plate lift – 280 m.


  1. difficult route – 550 m,
    2. easy route – 450 m,
    3. easy route – 360 m,
    4. easy route – 300 m,
    5. easy route – 300 m,
    6. easy route – 280 m,
    Routes 1, 2, 3, 4 are illuminated.


The resort offers:

– two ski equipment rentals with approx. 1,000 sets, equipment service is located in one of the rentals,
– restaurant, grill bar, and at the upper cableway station a special glass arena provides stunning views over Ladek-Zdroj and the nearby area,
– two professional ski schools which offer skiing lessons by the belt ski lift,
– the station also has a ‘Children’s World’ play room where you can leave your children aged 3-10 in the care of an animator.





The station offers:
– 6 drag lifts (length from 380 to 540),
– 2 baby lifts (about 100 m long each),
– downhill runs: from 380 m to 1000 m long,
– illuminated routes: 6,
– accompanying infrastructure: parking lots (paid and free), ski equipment rental, restaurants, accommodation in the towns: Rzeczka and Sokolec (about 20 facilities of various standard).




There is only one ski lift in Przygorze. This small ski station is located on the northern slope of the mountain, at the foot of the Owl Mountains. The lift is 3 km from the nearby town – Nowa Ruda.

The station offers:
– two downhill runs up to 750 m long for beginners and intermediate skiers,
– illumination and artificial snow systems are installed next to the lift and the slope is systematically groomed,
– ski rental and gastronomic facility,
– you can also use the help of an instructor,
– free parking,
– ski system with high rope guidance,
– location of the ski station – 460 m a.s.l.,
– location of the changing station – 528 m a.s.l.,
– altitude difference – 69 m a.s.l.,
– route length – 516.6 m,
– average slope of the route – 7.45 degrees,
– capacity – 853 people / hour





The ski lift in Nowy Gieraltow is an offer for people looking for recreational skiing. The slope is perfect for skiing lessons and training of your skills. Its picturesque location and beautiful views will enchant everyone. At the lift there is a catering facility and free parking.
Basic information:
– the length of the lifts – 438 m,
– route length – 435 m,
– elevation difference – 100 m,
– slope – 22%,
– type of lift – plate type,
– lighting – Yes,
– grooming – Yes,
– opening hours – 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.







Stronie Slaskie commune invites you to a beautiful nature and landscape cross-country skiing trail. The trail is over 60 km long and runs from Bielice in the Bialskie Mountains to the PTTK (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) shelter ‘Na Sniezniku’ (‘On the top of Snieznik’) and Zmijowa Clearing (near the top station ‘Zmija’ [‘Viper’] in the Black Mountain ski Resort in Sienna). It connects towns located in the valleys: Bielice, Nowa Morawa, Kamienica, Kletno, Janowa Gora. In the area of ​​Bielice and the Czech hostel Paprsek Polish and Czech routes meet giving the opportunity to plan wonderful cross-border trips. On a day with good visibility, we recommend ‘Droga nad Lejami’(‘Above the Craters Track’), which circles the high valley of the Kamienica river near Snieznik. From it you can admire the views of the High Jeseníky, with the highest peak in this part of the Sudetes – Praděd 1491 m a.s.l. The trail is linear but also gives the option of closing a loop. For those interested the Municipal Office in Stronie Slaskie sends laminated trail maps free of charge on a scale of 1:30 000 (contact: strategia@stronie.pl), and current information about the conditions on the trail is available at: www.stronie.pl, Cross-country Skiing tab.



In the 2018/2019 season, cross-country skiing routes in the Snieznik Massif were combined with Miedzygorze. Under favourable weather conditions, this created a network of over 70 km of cross-country tracks.



Cross-country skiing routes are maintained and groomed by Bystrzyca Klodzka commune in favourable weather conditions and with appropriate snow cover.

1.Spalona Ski Station:
– about 32 km of cross-country ski runs,
– illuminated ski stadium,
– ski lift approximately 200 m from the cross-country stadium and equipment rental for cross-country and downhill skiing and snowshoeing.
2. Lasowka:
– about 18 km of cross-country ski runs,
– surrounded by many guesthouses and agritourism farms.



In the Owl Mountains there are areas ideal for cross-country skiing. The routes are well marked and groomed. Skiers’ favourite and best kept routes in the area of Wielka Sowa, Jugowska and Walimska Mountain Passes and Bielawa Clearing. Routes around the Silver Mountain Fortress are also popular. Together with the Forest Districts of Swidnica, Jugow and Bardo Slaskie the Tourist Association of the Municipalities of the Owl Mountains has set 5 cross-country skiing routes. The area was marked according to the applicable PTTK (Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) rules, equipped with information boards about the route colour, as well as large information boards presenting the routes, their length, level and elevation.




Duszniki Arena is a mecca for the lovers of cross-country skiing and biathlon. It is one of the most modern and largest winter sports centres in Poland. Extensive and beautifully located in the Lewin Hills, the clearing is primarily a centre for cross-country skiing and biathlon. The facility in Duszniki-Zdroj is ready for both professionals and amateurs. Skiers will find a total of about 47 km of well-prepared cross-country skiing routes. The arena offers loops with a length of 1 km to 12.5 km, the width of the routes is 8 m. It also has a great connection with cross-country trails in Zieleniec and on the Czech side. Both amateurs and athletes practicing cross-country skiing will find something for themselves.

In addition to the well-prepared cross-country tracks, Duszniki Arena is also an excellent training facility for professional athletes. There are modern training facilities here – a ski service building with a modern ventilation system and a main technical and service building with commentary stands and a gastronomic floor. There is also a state-of-the-art 30-station shooting range in Poland equipped with roofed and illuminated targets. The shooting range is fully adapted to the LIVE coverage.

If you would like to try your hand at cross-country skiing or you simply want to train, visit Duszniki Arena.



Zieleniec Ski Arena not only gives an Alpine skiing experience but there are also picturesque and extremely scenic cross-country skiing routes. Many of them are already on the Czech side of the border which definitely increases their attractiveness. Thanks to the accessibility of our southern neighbours’ routes, their total length reaches over 200 kilometres. In addition, they are varied in almost every respect – both in terms of length and the level of sophistication. Beginners and experienced skiers looking for cross-country challenges worthy of Justyna Kowalczyk’s successors will have a great time here.




If winter is snowy and frosty, the Table Mountain region invites cross-country skiers. The designated loops allow you to move almost throughout the entire area of the Table Mountains National Park. Currently, it is about 40 km of picturesque routes stretching on interestingly shaped terrain. The central point is Karlow, from where the loop will move in the vicinity of the White Rocks, the Great Peat Bog Batorowski, through Niknaca Laka to Batorowek, and from here through Skalne Grzyby, towards Posna and then Pasterka Waterfalls
and you will return to the starting point.

Karlow is a central point because of the accommodation, catering base and the equipment rental located here (skis, poles, shoes). The latter is run by the Municipal Centre of Culture, Sport and Tourism in Radkow, which at the same time deals with the maintenance of routes and their systematic grooming. In recent years, every day of snowy winter provided good conditions for skiing.






The commune of Duszniki Zdroj, Zieleniec
January 19, 2019 – Children’s Eagle Cup – 1st Greater Poland Edition
25-27 January 2019 – Eska Winter City (Winterpol slope)
26-27 January 2019 – The town of Milka (slope Diament)
26-27 January 2019 – ZIMA TVN project (Gryglowka slope)
02 February 2019 – Children’s Eagle Cup – II Lower Silesian Edition
02-03 February 2019 – Start to Ski with Radio Zet
08-10 February 2019 – Eska Winter City (Nartorama slope)
February 16, 2019 – Children’s Eagle Cup – III edition of Silesia
March 3, 2019 – XXXIII Bronislaw Haczkiewicz Memorial
09 March 2019 – Children’s Eagle Cup – final edition
09-10 March 2019 – Polish Snowboard Instructor Championships

Bystrzyca Klodzka commune
February 2, 2019 – International convention on a horned sleigh, Międzygorze
February 10, 2019 – ‘Ski Run of Bystrzyca Region’ – 30th Jubilee, nationwide cross-country skiing competitions, Spalona Ski Station
February 2019 – ‘For cross-country skiing to Lasowka’ a classic style ski run, retro run, in which players compete in disguise, is organised during the Lasowka run


Stronie Slaskie commune:
February 16, 2019 – SGB Ultrawhite – a classic-style ski marathon (distance of 60 km) in the Bialskie Mountains with accompanying runs. Competition routes run on the Polish and Czech sides of the mountains, Bielice

Radkow commune:
February 2, 2019 – VII Pablo Run – cross-country skiing competitions, several age categories, main run – 20 km, Karlow
9-10 February 2019 – Monteria Fat Bike Race – winter bicycle race in the Table Mountains, Karlow