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A family weekend along the European Route of Castles and Palaces

A great idea to spend a family weekend in an unusual environment is to go on a journey along the European Trail of Castles and Palaces – it is a trip idea especially for history lovers but also for those looking for opportunities to rest and relax close to nature.
Czocha Castle – Kliczkow Castle – Grodziec Castle

A great idea to spend a family weekend in an unusual environment is to go on a journey along the European Trail of Castles and Palaces – it is a trip proposition especially for history lovers, but also for those who are looking for opportunities to rest and relax close to nature. The first stop on the route on the southwestern edge of Lower Silesia is Czocha Castle, situated in an extremely picturesque scenery at Lesnia Lake. In addition to the amazing and mysterious history of World War II (most likely a secret Abwehr encryptor school operated in the castle), amazing architecture (the castle was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century by one of the most interesting German architects), the facility offers countless attractions to tourists. Every day from 10:00 to 18:00 (and during the holiday until 20:00) you can visit the castle interior with a guide and there are also Multimedia Torture Rooms. The offer of a night walk around the fortress promises to be very interesting and you may just have a chance to meet White Lady, a ghost who has been roaming the castle courtyard for centuries. In the castle there are many cyclical events, including Craft Days, Journey to the Middle Ages, or the Historical Cuisine Festival. For all those who appreciate active leisure in the fresh air a bike rental has been opened. After a day full of attractions, you can enjoy the accommodation offered by the Castle owners and relax in one of the 45 hotel rooms.


Only a few dozen kilometres north of Czocha Castle we come across Kliczkow Castle. After a must-see guided tour, it is worth going for a long walk along the winding alleys of the romantic and extremely atmospheric Petzolda Park. During the stroll, you can stop for a moment on the children’s playground and also find the remains of most probably the only one in Poland cemetery for horses (two out of a dozen gravestones from the 19th and 20th century have survived to this day). For animal lovers the biggest attraction is undoubtedly the Prince’s Stable which has 10 horses so you can go on a horse trip and less experienced riders can use the services of a riding school. The facility also offers treatments in the castle SPA and accommodation, depending on your preferences, in the castle itself or in the vicinity of the farm. The great advantage of Kliczkow Castle is the Boletus Restaurant, where we can taste traditional dishes.


Less than an hour away by car from Kliczkow Castle, there is Grodziec Castle located on a steep hill. Tourists will certainly be interested not only in visiting the castle chambers but also in sightseeing the chilling exhibition of torture tools. Grodziec Castle organizes numerous events in which the whole family can participate: the Feast of the Blooming Hepatica and Anemone hosting folk groups, a Family Picnic in the castle atmosphere, the Silesian Song Festival or a Traditional Archery Tournament. The Silesian Knights’ Tournament has been organised since 1988. Tourists can stay in the nearby hotel rooms. Grodno Castle is also a place friendly to pets.

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