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In our #SzlakMaSmak campaign, we encourage you to taste Lower Silesia



The #SzlakMaSmak campaign is a unique opportunity to get to know the flavors of Lower Silesia and surprise your taste senses with regional dishes. Our area offers a whole range of exquisite dishes and products that will surprise many demanding gourmets. Here is some information on traditional fish products as well as vegetables and fruits.


Excellent water conditions in Lower Silesia allows fish farming. In the Kłodzko Region, called the “land of trout and grayling”, there are 3 trout farms and approx. 20 fisheries thanks to natural factors, such as uninterrupted waters and mountain streams. It is here that the Kłodzko trout can be found – delicate, with a characteristic sweet smell. What is unique about the preparation of this fish is that all the work is based on a traditional, manual technique that has not changed for many years. The production is carried out by people with extensive experience, and all activities are performed manually using traditional tools.

source: dolnyslask.travel.pl/project/dolina-baryczy/

Milicz carp

source: smakidolnegoslaska.pl

Another delicacy of the Kłodzko region is smoked Kłodzko trout, or rainbow trout – crispy, light pink, with a small amount of bone in the meat. The fish acquires an even more valuable taste and aroma during traditional smoking with the use of hardwood. Another fish species characteristic of the Lower Silesia region is the Milicz carp. It can be found in the Barycz Valley, where the right conditions, the constant level of the river, flat terrain, warm climate, forest areas, and the absence of industrial factories in the vicinity – makes excellent place for fish. Carp from Milicz has a peculiar taste, and thanks to its properties, it provides the body with many minerals. It is worth mentioning that the pond economy dates back to the beginning of the 11th century, when the Order of Cistercians established carp ponds, and over the following centuries it developed until the feudal fragmentation.


Among the traditional vegetables and fruits of the region, you can find many interesting flavors that not only will appeal to everyone, but also provide a lot of vitamins. The secret of delicious pickled vegetables in Lower Silesia is the traditional production recipe, which has been popular for centuries. Recipes created by the Slavic peoples are still used to make sour cucumbers from Śleża area – sour, crunchy, with a strong smell. It should be noted that for the production of sour cucumbers, products such as water, salt, horseradish leaves and garlic are used, which come from local crops.

Pickled cucumbers


Another type of cucumbers produced in Lower Silesia are the Ścinawa tinned cucumbers, characterized by a sour-sweet taste. To create cucumbers – according to a traditional recipe one need to use vegetables from small, regional farms. These must be crops where artificial fertilizers are not used. Then the cucumbers are picked by hand. To create the final effect,  the dill, carrot, mustard and horseradish are used. Among the traditional dishes of the Lower Silesia region, sauerkraut with a very distinctive aroma cannot be missed. This sour and crunchy dish was once considered a staple dish. It used to be an important vegetable for the population, because even the gardens next to the house were called “kapuśniak” (pol. cucumber soup), and today sauerkraut is appreciated for its excellent health benefiting properties.

A sweet version of the above list is the traditional raspberry syrup from the Barycz Valley. Its history began over two decades ago, when a farm with raspberries was established in the Krośnice commune. The conditions in the Barycz Valley, such as the forest area, poor soils, and the lack of numerous rainfall, make raspberry juice very sweet. Raspberry syrup works great as a juice, when diluted with water, or combined with semolina, pudding or ice cream. Undoubtedly, when traveling through Lower Silesia, you can experience many different flavors, which are attractive mainly due to natural production, delicious flavors and positive properties. Discover the #SzlakMaSmak campaign!


Source: gov.pl

Raspberry syrup from the Barycz Valley

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The #SzlakMaSmak campaign aims to familiarize with eno and biotourism in the region. Nestor Kościański - the owner of the Moderna Vineyard, situated on the gentle hills of the Trzebnickie Hills, reminds that in Lower Silesia, thanks to the work of enthusiasts, the tradition that has been cultivated in the region for centuries is being rebuilt.


In the latest #SzlakMaSmak campaign, we encourage you to taste Lower Silesia

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In the latest #SzlakMaSmak campaign, we encourage you to taste Lower Silesia

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